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nikon l820 or s6500

Discussion in 'Camera and Photography Tips' started by lizzie13, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. lizzie13

    lizzie13 Good Dog

    Debating between these two point and shoots...seem to have a lot of camera save people here. Anyone know anything about these?
  2. Blueduck1105

    Blueduck1105 Little Dog

    I have a D5200 that I have only had for a few months. My first real camera aside from like a phone and stuff. I will look a little at the two but won't be able to tell you as much as others I'm sure.

    Good luck let us know how you are leaning
  3. Blueduck1105

    Blueduck1105 Little Dog

    Looks like at a glance the l820 is a better camera IMO

    When you get into cameras that can do more than your average camera I would think long term. If you want to start semi getting into photography and be able to play around and have more control of the outcome of a photo I would legit look into a SLR camera. They are a decent different a in price and allow interchangeable lenses but longer term it is worth it.

    If you just want a decent point and shoot and like those two options I think I would go with the L820.

    Being able to have ability to get good bokeh or background blur in photos is kind of a cool feeling. I just wanted a point and shoot like those and was semi convinced (I impulse buy a lot so not a hard convincing) of buying a SLR. It's not the fanciest of the bunch by any means but it is a good camera capable of producing good images. I have 3 lenses (which do get expensive) but allows you the ability to capture what you want how you want. Granted I am trying to learn and hardly know anything about the things you can do just coming from a person who was in your shoes a few months ago.
  4. Blueduck1105

    Blueduck1105 Little Dog

    Blurred background Christmas lights


    Out of focus treats in focus puppy!


    Best thing is for prints. Was able to blow this up without any quality issues

  5. xfistfightx

    xfistfightx Puppy

    Awesome shots! My wife loves taking pictures!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. lizzie13

    lizzie13 Good Dog

    See I have no clue how to do those but would love to! I have a canon point and shoot with manual settings but have no clue how to use them! Lol I love the WiFi feature on the 6500 but love everything else on the l820, especially the zoom lense. I don't have 65000 to spend on a camera right now but it would be nice to learn how to do those pics. My sister is actually a photographer so I'm sure I could make her give me a crash course. My main thing is getting action shots without them being blurry.
  7. Blueduck1105

    Blueduck1105 Little Dog

    I had literally ZERO clue what I was doing when I bought the camera. YouTube solves everything! Haha it's a learning process for sure my pictures aren't very good but it's at least fun to mess around with.

    According to a quick search the L820 has a max shutter speed of 1/4000 compared to the other of 1/2000 something to consider for action shots. Low light significantly reduces the shutter speed so definitely a factor. Again this is coming from someone who IS NOT that knowledgeable on photography. Just was in your shoes a few months ago. That being said I would look into a SLR. There were some good deals at bhphotovideo.com you could also look into refurbished cameras too!

    I would ask your connection about photography though they will help out a ton and probably be eager for you to learn. Too which would be huge!
  8. PocketPal

    PocketPal Big Dog

    I put the details down at the bottom and cut right to the chase to my opinion for what it’s worth… .02 cent

    My recommendation is the S6500 for it’s pocket size portability. This is advantageous because you’ll want to take it everywhere you go and if the weather or the environment get sketchy, you can toss it in a well protected bag and it’ll be fine. This camera is geared toward portraits as the lens configuration will give you a full-body shot at 3-4ft away while the zoom will give you nice expressive close-up head shot. Also it has built in image processing to help make a nice portrait shot (no photoshop needed—if you don’t like photoshopped portraits, turn the filters off) It’s decent for everything else. The slower shutter(1/2000[SUP]th[/SUP]) speed means you CANNOT shoot with the sun in your face as it’s not fast enough to cut the extra light out (contrary to pop belief that it’s for action-NO) That said it’s not for extreme lighting conditions (i.e candle lit, blow out the candle bday shot w/lights off—doable, not great….or cloudless day at noon without shade, you’ll get sun spots. Yet, it’s an all around camera w/a lil more oompf than a smart phone camera with wireless capabilities. Yes you can take this to your children indoor play at the school auditorium and get the full stage. Oh and it has GPS so the location info can be tracked on the images you shoot.

    Why the L820 is not on my list. The L820 is everything that is mentioned above minus the built in wireless capability (no big deal, they have memory cards with WiFi built in)
    ...but and it’s a big BUT, all the specs that looks good on paper has it’s down side. Here it is: Super Zoom (easier to break, rendering the entire camera useless. You need to be a very good photographer to use it because unsteady hand will make the extreme ends of the wide-and-tele useless. This is even more so when you use video—side to side is alright, but if you got up and down shakes…well it’s called the vomit comet effect). So let’s say you’re using this for your child’s play as mentioned above. You’ve got the zoom so you pull in on the stage, but now you have to pan left and right to get the full stage…well you just introduced the movement variable and when you get home you realize most of it is useless and you have to get on the computer to edit the video (where if you had the full stage, you’d probably just keep it still and get the BIG PICTURE/VIDEO) So the super zoom is not all that necessary…less is more. 1/4000[SUP]th[/SUP] shutter speed is nice because you can shut out extra light on super sunny day, but it will not help you get that sharp action shot. You only need 1/400th to stop action—what you really need to be FAST is auto-focus to lock on as the subject is moving. So now all the marketing hype got you believing you can capture your children’s soccer game indoors—you come home and everything is blurry—not because it’s not fast enough, but because of motion blur and out of focus cause it can’t track with the “contrast auto-focus” sensor where bright light is needed. Although it’s consider a compact, you cannot put this in your pocket and it’ll probably need it’s own bag which you’ll misplace or not use or it’ll dangle around your elbow causing you to be unsteady for that super zoom shot. Then it rains and before you can pack it away it’s got some droplets on it and you put it away without wiping it dry in your closet and forget to bring it with you and when you pull it out several months later, fungus has grown on the inside of your super zoom lens and Nikon won’t warranty that because this is not a weatherproof (neither is the S6500, but you can pocket that quicker) camera. And this camera has a plastic housing that is suppose to protect the delicate precision instrument in your super zoom. The slow-motion video at 60i is nice, but as with the super zoom issue you’ll get useless slow motion herky jerky action (vomit comet)

    Paraphrase from DPreviews article
    http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/01/08/Nikon-announces-WiFi-enabled-Coolpix-S6500 and here Nikon debuts Coolpix P520, S9500, S6500 and L820 mid-range compacts: Digital Photography Review

    The S6500 offers user-friendly shooting features, controls w/ 12x zoom and WiFi capabilities. Includes Glamour Retouch effects for portraits, but also features five new effects during their photo taking:

    • Brighten Face: Lightens skin tones on a person’s face
    • Reduce Dark Circles: Lightens the effects of dark colors under a person’s eyes
    • Whiten Eyes: Makes the whites of people’s eyes appear more sharp and white
    • Whiten Teeth: Makes a person’s teeth appear whiter
    • Redden Cheeks: Applies a blush-like effect to a person’s cheek to give them a livelier look, plus several colors (orange, red, blue-pink and yellow-pink) can be selected to best complement the subject’s cheeks in the photo.
    The L820 compact sports a high-power 30x zoom, 3-inch monitor, ergonomic design, along with the convenience of AA-size batteries and a dedicated video button is easy and fun for users to shoot. Simply…it’s got a small lil teeny tiny grip that holds reg battery that it will chew through and spit out like bubble gum and spit.

    Key Technical Features
    S6500-Compact (pocket), resolution 4608 x 3465 (user select down to 1024 x 768; HD quality for online posting), 16mp (max), ISO 125-3200, image stabilization (for shaky hands when shooting), 12x Zoom (don’t be lazy, use your foot to zoom-you’ll hafta move yourself…not for the shy photographer), digital-zoom (for manual focusing that spot just right), manual focus, macro focus capable (extreme close-up of a bug), lens 25-300 f3.1-6.5 (35mm equivalent-technical stuff ignore), max 10 frames per second burst shooting, video is HD quality at 30P (progressive frame per second-smooth quality), built in flash.
    L820-Compact (bridge-bulky and useless), resolution 4608 x 3465, 16mp (max), ISO 125-3200(same as S6500), image stabilization (for shaky hands when shooting and running), 30x Zoom (doesn’t mean squat if you don’t hold it REAL still), lens 22.5-675 mm f3-5.8 (35mm equivalent-technical stuff ignore), max 7 frames per second burst shooting, video is HD quality at 30P(progressive frame per second-smooth quality) and 60i (interlaced-every other frame allowing slow-motion capture but kinda herky jerky like action movies), pop-up flash.
  9. PocketPal

    PocketPal Big Dog

    I won't get into detail since it would be OT of the posts orig intent, But if i could recommend the new trend of mirrorless camera. D-SLR's are great for learning, but if you rather shoot than work on your learning curve...DSLR are just not as practical as the mirrorless or interchangeable lens mirrorless (or to be totally technical "Electronic Viewfinder-Interchangeable Lens" EVIL for short)

    As for Bokeh or the out-of-focus fuzzy part, you can absolutely do that with point and shoot ZOOMs, but you do hafta fool the camera's logic processor (catch 22-you need to know how the camera was programmed). Bokeh is Japanese for the quality of the "uninteresting" part of the picture. Here in the western world we have the hoity-toity term "selective focusing" (this should help you understand how to get those kool fuzzy bits.

    i'll follow up at another time on these tips or PM me, but i don't want to bore you with all the technical stuff as the last post is bad enuff.

    OP, your sis is great resource, take a lot of picts and have her explain what to do better...that's the best way to learn.

    thx for reading

    eta back on subject, older used or refurbished mirrorless that sold for $800 and up can be had for sub $200 w/lens.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 2, 2014
  10. lizzie13

    lizzie13 Good Dog

    Thanks pocketpal. I took the 6500 and played with it for the day then exchanged it the next day for the l820. I'm super happy with it so far. The size is fine since it has a neck strap and I have another canon that's pocket size if I need to be able to bring something tiny. It has been capturing the dogs while at play great. Now I just need the WiFi card :-)
  11. lizzie13

    lizzie13 Good Dog


    Got the blurry effect while in zoom! Lol
  12. PocketPal

    PocketPal Big Dog

    Kool Beans! No buyer remorse! sorry i couldn't get the info to you faster.


    work on your "shot discipline" google it ;-D
  13. Blueduck1105

    Blueduck1105 Little Dog

    Wow what an elaborate answer! I feel dumb now! Regardless picture came out great!! Get more up
  14. Blueduck1105

    Blueduck1105 Little Dog

    I'll need to sit down and read all of that later
  15. Blueduck1105

    Blueduck1105 Little Dog


    Thanks for all the insight on it! Way more in depth! Yea I would love to have gone mirror less but was just before of when the new models came and became more affordable.

    I figured dslr cameras could be found at that point and shoot camera cost range where as I assumed this new mirror less technology is more expensive.

    If there is not a photography thread I think one should be started seems like you have a lot of insight on it! Thanks again
  16. PocketPal

    PocketPal Big Dog

    I forgot the one feature that i really like about the L820. Nikon has finally followed Sony's lead and added a Panaromic feature so that you can take multiple shots and it automatically stitch it together for a long horizontal HD shot. If you do Photoshop, this is one PitA process. lol

    LOL last thing i want to be is elaborate...I try to be as simple minded as possible ;-) Don't ever feel "dumb" for making an effort...and if anyone makes you feel dumb, they're not worth communicating with. You should feel challenged and find someone that can champion your cause! ...Because there's always someone that knows something you don't YES...more pics!

    "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." - Ansel Adams

    ...if you heard of it, you'll know it
    if you read it, you'll learn it
    if you do it, you'll never forget it!

    -me...repeating a quote someone told me and walked away before i can thank them

  17. Blueduck1105

    Blueduck1105 Little Dog

    Life lessons by Pocketpal. You heard them here first folks!!

    Thanks again for all the info!
  18. PocketPal

    PocketPal Big Dog

    heh he :blush:

    more pics
  19. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Good Dog

    If your spending over 100 dollars it is worth it to get a bottom end DSLR camera either Nikon or Cannon. You can get a used one from a couple hundred and even a new one with lenses for 500. It just depends on your desires.
  20. [Q UOTE=Blueduck1105;1434836]Blurred background Christmas lights


    Out of focus treats in focus puppy!


    Best thing is for prints. Was able to blow this up without any quality issues


    How do you do that?

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