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New York city Taco Squirrel


Chi Super Dog
Tree-inhabiting tortilla taster spotted in New York City, instantly dubbed 'Taco Squirrel'
Tree-inhabiting tortilla taster named 'Taco Squirrel' seen in NYC
BY Brian Lisi


Taco Squirrel (not pictured, as this is clearly a Dorito) knows how to spice up the internet.
(ce_pro_photos/Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Brian Lisi
Thursday, April 6, 2017, 12:26 PM
He's nuts for Tex-Mex.

As if heeding the call to a join a food-centric, Five Borough-based Avengers, Wednesday saw the rise of yet another animal with an unambiguous appetite: Taco Squirrel.

At least in terms of internet fame, the hungry hoarder has united with other such creatures known for their peculiar cravings as Bagel Pigeon, Pizza Rat and Frank the runaway steer, who presumably just wanted a taste of freedom.

It's unclear who took the photo of the camera-ready rodent up in its tree, as the image almost simultaneously popped up on Twitter and Reddit.

Pizza rat now has a squirrel buddy to dine with

However, the Reddit user who claims to have photographed the squirrel, Ilikeredtoo, said it was spotted in Brooklyn, adding, "A squirrel nibbling on a taco shell is surprisingly loud."

This would not be the first time a bushy-tailed bon vivant was spotted noshing around New York.

A slice-loving squirrel was seen in Greenwich Village in January, though it could be argued Pizza Squirrel is more of a nemesis of Pizza Rat than an ally.