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New with questions :)

I've been wanting to add to our pack and this is what my husband surprised me with. His coworker breeds american bullies and where he got ours. I've owned large breed dogs before and I've read mixed material so I'm looking for others opinions.
Early neuter=not as much muscle mass as there would be if I waited to neuter. However, less DA if neutered earlier than "puberty". I'm not breeding him so he will be neutered eventually. Just trying to weigh the pros and cons. Ultimately I don't care about muscle mass, I would prefer lower DA. I socialize him often, take him wherever I can so he can get use to different people, animals, sounds, and situations. So...neuter now or wait? And what else could I be doing to help lower DA? I know it's in their genetic make up although his parents nor grandparents know a dog stranger. Lol all very friendly. Just a preventive if you will.
Thanks guys!


Big Dog
Hi an welcome! He is cute. How old is he? There are many different opinions and views on neuter/spay. My vet said anything after 6 months is fine. Some think that waiting till a year old is best so they can be closer to reaching sexual maturity. And others think that if you can be responsible and keep him from females then why neuter at all. Many people keep intact males and are fine with it. There are many forum members with varying situations and experiences and that's why this is a great place to learn. I have an 8 month old who was neutered a month ago. I can't attest to physical characteristics because he's not an am bully, but what people say of neutering as "calming" them down is an absolute myth. Lol! He still probably has testosterone in his system, but he's as high energy as ever. As far as DA goes, neutering will not change that either. Many bull breed dogs become DA, which is perfectly normal and can be managed. There are tons of threads about managing multiple dog homes and being responsible by keeping your dogs safe from one another. Check out the stickies and welcome!


If you have an america bully then I wouldn't worry about DA as they are not DA. And they aren't really large breed, more like medium breed. :)

ATL King Titan

Little Dog
What a cutie! I can tell you that my boy is 17 months old and is in tact and is probably the least dog aggressive dog I have ever owned. He runs away from my parents' 12 pound Shih Tzu. He gets along great with my 5 year old English Bulldog female. He barks at strangers in our house for a few minutes until he realizes they are ok...then he'll crawl up on their laps and beg to be loved on. We take him to our neighborhood dog park, pet store, pretty much everywhere we go and have had no issues. We have thought about getting him fixed, but he is medicated for epilepsy and decided we didn't want to put him through it unless we had to.


Here's my boy, he's 1 year and 5months old in these pics. He's pretty friendly even towards kids, he likes to mess with other dogs but more of on play, not really to fight.