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New shots of Rhys

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by MMSmith, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. MMSmith

    MMSmith Good Dog

    Rhys is 7 months old now and getting big. I'd say he's around 46-47 pounds now, but I haven't weighed him recently so that's a guesstimate.

    He is doing great with his obedience training and we have a barn hunt the end of this month. Can't wait to turn him loose to see how he does!


    Compared to 10 weeks.


    Looking more and more like his daddy every day.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 8, 2013
  2. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    He is beautiful
  3. lizzie13

    lizzie13 Good Dog

    He is handsome (I know he's a amstaff but that pic of him on the bed reminds me of a Dane lol)
  4. Joey&Zoey

    Joey&Zoey Good Dog

    He is maturing into a handsome amstaff indeed.
  5. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    I hope to see him in the ring next year ;) Handsome man!
  6. ignitethis

    ignitethis Good Dog

    Great looking dog! Good luck at barn hunt :)
  7. MMSmith

    MMSmith Good Dog

    Thank you!

    Thanks, I'm very happy with how he's maturing.

    Me too! He needs to mature a bit more, though. Still a bit hocky :/

    Thanks! I think he'll have a blast!
  8. thediva

    thediva Little Dog

    His markings make him look like a masked super hero. :)
  9. MMSmith

    MMSmith Good Dog

    I love his markings too :)
  10. ~Missy~

    ~Missy~ Snaptastic

    Aw, I love his face!
  11. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    WOW! hes grown so much so fast!! he is going to be such a handsome boy! good luck with the barn hunt!

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