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new pup, AmStaff?

Discussion in 'American Staffordshire Terrier' started by itsnicyo, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. itsnicyo

    itsnicyo Puppy

    Hello all, new member here! I got my puppy King a little over a month ago. I've seen both parents, they both appeared to be 'Pitbulls'. Just looking for some opinion on bloodline. Unfortunately the parents had no papers.

    Attached Files:

  2. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    if that's all you know, we cant tell you a darn thing about your dog
  3. itsnicyo

    itsnicyo Puppy

    Sorry I'm a little new and didn't provide enough information. Appreciate your friendliness. If you're going to be a dick, just stay out of my thread.

    He was born March 19th. Weighed him last week @ 18 pounds. What else do you need to know?
  4. bringbackup

    bringbackup Big Dog

    If you don't have papers there is absolutely zero anybody can tell you about his bloodline -- it's impossible to know. It's not a big deal anyway, pedigrees don't mean much. Enjoy your pet, he is cute.
  5. GoingPostal

    GoingPostal Good Dog

    It's a puppy that's about all anyone can tell you, if the parents weren't papered than there is no way to tell what breed/breeds they may be, much less bloodline.
  6. MMSmith

    MMSmith Good Dog

    If he's not papered and registered with a reputable registry there is NOTHING we can tell you about his bloodline or what kind of dog he is.

    That's like me asking you to guess my ancestry without seeing any birth certificates, last names, family trees, or lineage documents.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 1, 2013
  7. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    I wasn't being a dick, I was just stating facts and being as helpful as possible. and a little fyi, I can post in any thread I want to.
  8. itsnicyo

    itsnicyo Puppy

    Oh okay. We have been going on walks and other pit bull owners often comment saying he "looks like an am staff" and was looking for some feedback along those lines but thanks anyways!

    And yes Lee, I see you are a "super moderator" and I'm sure you can do as you please.
  9. itsnicyo

    itsnicyo Puppy

    I also may have used the wrong terms. I'm not trying to find a bloodline, just more of what kind of pitbull he is. My girlfriend works at banfield pet hospital and they offer DNA reports to determine what breed a dog is. Anybody have any luck using that?
  10. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    That dog looks nothing like an Amstaff, it looks like a labmix or some other breed.
  11. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    with a pit bull type dog, I wouldn't even waste my time and money. ive heard of some crazy ass results come back on a known purebred animal
  12. innoko

    innoko Big Dog

    DNA tests are widely known as a gimmick, most don't even include any of the "pit bull" breeds in their DNA databases. And I have seen some companies where you can buy a "higher quality" test with more possible breeds--sounds like scratch-off lottery tickets to me, pay for a more expensive one and you get a higher chance of "winning." Here's one of probably many videos testing the tests:


    If you think people are being rude to you, it's because we are asked this question at least once a day by people with completely undocumented dogs like yours. It's a cute pup, but you can't judge a dog's breed by the way it looks, especially with breeds that are not bred for a specific "look" like APBTs. Even completely mongrel dogs can sometimes look like a certain purebred dog by chance.
  13. itsnicyo

    itsnicyo Puppy

    Lab mix?! Ouch..

    Attached Files:

  14. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    Nothing wrong with being a labmix or with being a mutt by the way.
  15. itsnicyo

    itsnicyo Puppy

    Yea there's nothing wrong with a mix.. Just not what I was looking for. Breeder had both parents on scene. Didn't see any lab in them, although there are no papers. He's been hitting weird growth spurts though. When we first brought him home he had a big ol block head and now his body has grown so much his head looks a little small to be honest. Its slowly been getting back into portion.
  16. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    Amstaffs tend to be stockier than APBTs however it is not guaranteed that every puppy will come out looking like the typical standard looking dog. What is the age of the puppy? his muzzle just gives off that lab vibe and his head as well.
  17. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    His chest and rib cage construction also do not really display the show type amstaff structure.
  18. itsnicyo

    itsnicyo Puppy

    King is 14 weeks now. Picture below is at 13 along with a photo of his father. IMG_20130625_065902.jpg IMG_20130620_073532.jpg
  19. ~Missy~

    ~Missy~ Snaptastic

    If you wanted a purebred dog, you should have gone to a reputable breeder who could provide you with a pedigree.

    Your pup is cute, but there's no way to know for sure if he is pure or a mix. I agree that his muzzle seems off for a bull breed.
  20. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    What does the mom look like?

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