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New Photos of the Crew


Little Dog
They are growing so fast!

1 year, 90 pounds, 18" tall and a 23 1/2" head


Me getting my loves from my boys


Biggie with weight on, Biggie is Jericho's Uncle on his moms side


Hazard, who's turned out to be an XL (7 months in photos)
Jericho and Hazard


Kratos @ 2 years
Kratos 2 years old and Jericho 1 year old, father and son

A Jericho litter of Puppies

Jericho at my nephew's birthday party at McDonald's.


Krypto Super Dog
Premium Member
EEEEEEKKKKK!! Those are some of THE CUTEST Am Bullies I have ever seen!!​ I want more pictures of Biggie!!

#1 stunner

Good Dog
Oh....they are so cute, especially the pups....but I love those handsome faces!

McDonalds allows dogs at birthday party???.....that picture with birthday hats is too cute!


Little Dog
Nice! I want more pics of that white one! I'm a sucker for those white bullies, specially when they got a nice coat!


Beautiful looking dogs !! The whole lot !! I love seeing them next to people, it gives you a look at how big they really are !! Also that little tri pup is so dang CUTE!!!!


Little Dog
The white on is Biggie. I will have new photos soon, he is living with good friends of ours who now own him.

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Here is what Biggie looked like when we first got him.


What he looks like now, after his mud bath at the river!

Here is Biggies Nephew Jericho playing at the river