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New Pack Member - 9wk old Presa Canario


Chi Super Dog
A pic from today - she doesn't stay this still for long LOL


trouble!!! LOL!!


Little Dog
She didn't know what it was at first until she saw our other dogs playing in it, now can't keep her out of it LOL


Little Dog
Omg! She is absolutely gorgeous!
I am sooo jealous I wanted a Presa Canario sooo stinkin bad!

I researched them for about 6mnths..They are really some awesome dogs. It was just impossible for me to get one..No breeder anywhere near me..and I couldn't really travel at that time..I was so bummed..
But, my boy I have now popped into my life and needed me as much as I needed him..So we're cool now..But one day..Oh yea!

Congrats..always fun adding a new 4legged member of the fam!


Little Dog
Thanks and I hear ya about dogs popping into your life - it was our plan to get a Presa late last year, but then Willa came along at a local humane services and so we adopted her at that time. Now the rest of the origional plan is falling into place :) .


Little Dog
15 weeks now and just shy of 40lbs - and now offically taller than Willa LOL


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Little Dog
She follows Willa everywhere - fortunately Willa has a LOT of tolerance for her puppy rudeness while teaching some limits though too, they've bonded great together:)


Little Dog
Premium Member
To me Willa almost never looks like the same dog twice depending on her ears, facial expression and the vantage point.


Good Dog
OMG she looks so scary lol with the look on her face saying something like YOU DID WHAT TO MY BONE?


Little Dog
Thanks, she's filling out nicely too now. Work on socialization has gone great so far, along with basic obedience and walking on a leash; she just turned 16 weeks yesterday.