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New Gear for Christmas

Discussion in 'Camera and Photography Tips' started by cdpits, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. cdpits

    cdpits Little Dog

    So has anyone asked Santa for some new gear for Christmas? If so, what are you hoping for?
    I am hoping for a bigger gig card for my rig and another 500G portable hard drive. And maybe a few extra hours a day to play in Lightroom LOL!!
  2. cdpits

    cdpits Little Dog

    What?? No one has a wish list??
  3. Mark-60

    Mark-60 Little Dog

    Oh I have a wish list alright... I can't afford anything on it... but I have a list...

  4. cdpits

    cdpits Little Dog

    hehehe I hear ya Mark. So many toys, so little $$.
  5. VonKromeHaus

    VonKromeHaus Good Dog

    I got a 75-300MM lens for my camera!!! I was VERY VERY happy!!!
  6. Hallil

    Hallil Little Dog

    I got a D-90! Weeooh, now to figure a bit of it out :p
  7. cdpits

    cdpits Little Dog


    ---------- Post added at 09:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:54 AM ----------

    Thats awesome, now to play!!
  8. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    I got...a game for my Wii...that is about it, and my fiance begging...pleading me to give him come money for an RC car (this has been going on for over a month now lol) and now his Bro is selling him one of his for 300 so yea he is getting a late christmas present...and all I got was a stupid wii game haha

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