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New camera means new pics.


Little Dog
My boy is almost a year old, he will be so on the 28th of this month! On with a few pictures. ;)






Big Dog
He looks amazing, I love his face! ..haha and i see he likes the sqeakers from the toys:p


Little Dog
Thanks! Yeahs, he has had the most drive out of any dog Ive owned or ever worked with...which is truly something because Ive worked with Cani Corso, GSD *working lines*, Dutch Sheperds, German Rotties and many others. A Tenny ball doesnt last him more then a minute! An Kong toys, for get about it, waste of money...have sent so many back that they refuse to give me more. LMAO. I am going to try and take him to the Bully Expo in San Diego, thats a hell of a trip for us though. I want to get him titled, from what everyone has told me (even a local AKC judge) that he will go far and they have no doubts that he will make it CH or possibly GR CG which would make me freaking ecstatic!