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New Amstaff owner looking for advice

Discussion in 'American Staffordshire Terrier' started by shanley1984, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. shanley1984

    shanley1984 Puppy

    My husband and I recently adopted a male Amstaff from a no kill shelter. His name is Lenny and is almost 2 years old. We were told he lived with cats and children but had to be given up because his owners were being evicted from their apartment and could not keep him. We have two cats in our home, both female around 6 years old. Our friend runs the shelter so we went to meet him. He is a very loving and calm dog. Loves to nap and cuddle. A few days later, our friend along with the trainer brought Lenny to our home. He was on a leash the whole time and met both our cats. He sniffed them both and walked away. We decided to take Lenny in since he showed no aggression towards the cats. And he hasn't since. The cats are currently living in the upstairs of our home. They venture down from time to time to check things out, but this is only when we are home, which is the only time the baby gate is left open. One cat has swatted Lenny in the face numerous times and hissed and all he does his stand there. It has been a slow process of introduction but I want the cats to be comfortable. Now after my long winded story (sorry!) here is the problem. I brought Lenny to my friends house to meet their 1.5 year old old english bulldog. Unfortunately, the dogs did not get along. Lenny was just not comfortable with the dog sniffing him all over for some reason. I could tell by his ears he was being defensive. So we decided to separate them. The bulldog was put in the backyard and my friend told me to bring Lenny in the house. She has a cat and I told her to make sure the cat was upstairs since I didn't know how Lenny would react with an unfamiliar cat. My friend said don't worry she won't be downstairs. Wrong. I brought Lenny inside and he saw the cat and in a split second, he grabbed the cat and would not let go. After a couple of minutes, we got him off her. He was covered in scratches and so was I. The cat needed a couple of stitches but she will be ok. Now, naturally I am scared Lenny might hurt my cats after what he did to this cat. I'm thinking what he did to the cat was a bad reaction to his meeting with the dog but I just don't know. Any thoughts or advice?
  2. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    You will never ever ever be able to trust this dog 100% with cats, not with your cats or anyone else's if you are not willing to accept the risk to the cats in your household return the dog to a shelter...
    These dogs have a strong prey drive and a strong tendency toward animal aggression.. One of my dog gets along with my cat,but any other cat she wants to eat If one day my cat were to act defensive or trigger my dogs prey drive, my dog would do the very same to him, i accept this risk, the two are NEVER out together unsupervised ! And when they are out together, the cat has a safey-safe zone he can go to, to get away from the dog..

    I wouldn't expect your dog to get along with all dogs either.. Read up on Pit bulls and dog aggression there are a lot of threads on this site about it.. Also invest in a break stick, it will make separating your dog from another animal a lot easier

  3. Piglet's Dad

    Piglet's Dad Puppy

    When we rescued our staffy mix Piglet we were told he did not get along with other male dogs. He was 3 when we looked at adopting him. We introduced him to my girlfriends pom who is also a male and everything was fine. We got him a crate for when we were not home to be safe but everything was fine. Now when we introduce him to any other dog he isn't aggressive but is very dominant and Anxious. It took a few supervised meetings with any other dog for short periods of time, treats and praise when he did good and he eventually got to know them and is fine. Crate training is great for when you're not home, also having shelves or high places for your cats to get out of the reach of the dog is great. It helps the cat stay confident and safe. Lots of supervised time will keep them comfortable with each other and lots of play and exercise with your dog will keep him from getting to excited with other animals. It helped me to tire our dog out before meeting other dogs. Because your dog did go after another person's cat does not mean he will go after yours but supervising interactions is always a good thing to do. Please don't give up on him. If you you stay calm and confident so will he. We introduced another male we rescued into out home and it took an hour for them to be comfortable with each other. Message me if you need any more advice or questions and I would be more than happy to help if I can
    Last edited by a moderator: May 7, 2014
  4. degu96

    degu96 Puppy

    Im not a dog expert but it could be that he does not attack your cats because he knows that they belong to the pack. Secondary Amstaffs and pitbulls have sometimes hard times getting along with other dogs if the early socialisation has not been good enough, it could also be that maybe when your pup was new born with his mother he was the alpha male over the puppys so he does not intended to get dominated by other dogs. and your dog is 2 years old the other english 1,5. If the other english tried to dominate over yours a dog fight probably gets up as the 2 year old amstaff does not want to be beneath in the english bulldog. I dont think he will have any problem with your cats as my cousins dog has the same issues, They have rabbits and cats at home. He does not attack the rabbits nor the cats, but when he see another cat or rabbit the prey instincts get active.
  5. lisajose107

    lisajose107 Puppy

    You could try walking both dogs each owner wokrh hos pwn dog and socialize them,train them together..The dog will listen and comply..About the cat agression..I dont know..Raising them together would of been nice but not this case..Dont take him to rhe shelter.Train him with commands..Keep training the dog ..

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  6. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    I saw something about a baby gate. I hope that is not how you are separating the dog from the cats? Tonka clears the tallest baby gate like we clear a curb.
  7. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    This thread is over a year old. Closed.
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