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New American Bulldog owner

My wife and I are getting a male American Bulldog puppy "Kody" on October 10th. We currently have a 10 1/2 year old female Yellow Lab "Lexi". Does anyone have any suggestions on things to watch out for when I first greet the new puppy to my Lab. She gets along good with other dogs and we are going to have them first meet at my inlaws house and them bring them home toether. (my inlaws live across the street and yes we do get along GREAT)
Kevin :)




Krypto Super Dog
Just curious, but what made you decide to go with the American Bulldog? Or is it going to just be a pet or do you have other activities in mind, i.e. weight pulling?

I am always curious to why people get into certain breeds is all. :)
We had a Boxer that died young, the American Bulldog kinda reminded us of him. Plus they say they are good home protectors and my wife has a lot of health problems and worries being home alone during the day. My Lab is 10.5 and is a good "watch" dog but she is the typical Lab...barks and wags her tail.
The new puppy will be just a new family member. I would like to get him into some agility nothing competitive, just for fun


We have a female American Bulldog along with 2 other pits (male and female) as well as a group of cats.

Everyone gets along just fine. Oddly enough, we were looking for our female dogs to fight, but it was the lady bulldog and my male pit who got crossed (twice). They play HARD almost all the time, but twice under similar circumstances they got a little past playful with each other barking, growling, and looking like a fight. After breaking them up, however, there were no marks, ripped fur, or any real damage, and in a "real" fight between those two, there SHOULD have been. It was a great "show", though.

With regards to temperment, this is what I've seen so far and understand for the future. As pups, they can be REALLY headstrong (ours was). In our first week, she was openly rebellious growling if we scolded her and even nipping at us. Gotta' love bullies.

After a week of "we're the alpha here" treatment, she got out of that rebellious behavior completely. After a month, she was very trainable on basics (about 5 months of age). Now, feh, she's on par with any dog her age or even a bit older that we have. We figure she's going to be a star, and she's at boarding school for prep-training for other work.

As for as "home protection" goes, they're only as good as they're trained to be. The problem with using just an "instinct" dog i.e. a dog that just barks when he thinks he needs to, is that they may OR MAY NOT actually protect you. And they COULD protect you against family and friends.

To me, a "home protection" dog has one job and one job only: tell me if someone is trying to break into my home. I need as much time as I can to prepare for the intruder as possible. Having my dog get shot trying to protect me is nice and all, but I'd rather my dog bark his fool head off and then dive for cover when I or my wife start shooting.

With regards to home protection, a big dog is nice, but an armed owner is far more effective regardless of size.

For home protection, I suggest 3 min-pins. They eat less and are far more likely to alert to an intruder quickly. Also, while you might can hurt one of them on the way in, it's unlikely you get all three of them before they awaken the homeowner.

I'm sure other people have other opinions, and that's cool! I wouldn't trust ANY untrained dog, though, to have the sole duty of protecting me or my loved ones. To me, all a dog should do is deter a criminal, alert to a criminal, and, at best, slow him down long enough for me and/or my loved ones to bring arms to bear.

Leslie H

Good Dog
Some lines and individual American Bulldogs are quite dog aggressive. Make sure you discuss this w/your breeder. Likely a younger male/older female pairing should be fine.
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resize to 9-26-09dogsandfewb-daypicslauren 023.jpg

resize to 9-26-09dogsandfewb-daypicslauren 043.jpgthe mother of the puppy I'm getting is friendly and has no problems with other dogs. She does have a high prey drive twards rabbits and squirrels, but is not dog agressive. Hopefully mine will turn out they same.


Damm Leslie, everytime I go to make a post you've already posted almost exactly what I was gonna post!!! LOL