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Need tips on how to train and build muscle on my baby boy

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by kingandqueen1525, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. cagethedogman

    cagethedogman Little Dog

    If your way of thinking was correct there wouldn't be APBTs or German Shepards, coon hounds, cattle dogs, or any of the like. Lol I can't believe your take on dogs is that they all look the way they do because they were bred to look that way, most dogs carry distinctive traits because it helps in their ability to perform the job bred for
  2. I do so get a life cause next your gonna say a humans genetics determines how the fuck they act!!! No that determines how they look!!!! The way the were raised is how they act not genetics! !!!!

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    Edit for name calling -UNO
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
  3. Stretch

    Stretch Puppy

    haha, what? did you really just try to compare humans to dogs? seriously?

    thats the best thing ive heard all day, real talk...but since you clearly missed it in science class back in there day, here you go:

    -homo sapiens or humans are a type of species. there are no different breeds that make up the human species
    -canines or dogs are a type of species. there are several different breeds of dogs that make up the canine species

    however, a humans DNA definitely has impact on their personality, in addition to their looks as you mentioned. to think that DNA/genetics has no bearing on someones personality is foolish; its not 100% responsible for it, but it definitely plays into how they act

    you should have been done with this conversation and left when you said you were going to...would have worked out much better for you
  4. Genetics are how they are breed to fucking look that has nothing to do with how they act you can have all kinds of genetic backed way way back into history and that don't mean that's going to determine how you act. That's like saying just because your great great grandad was to go out and kill thousands of people and those genes are in you so therefore your gonna go do it!!! I mean really are you stupid

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  5. Apparently yall think dogs are just fucking pets and toys and shit but lil do you know they feel and learn more than yalls stupid asses apparently they actually have more feelings then you and can control more emotions then you even know you have and sense your fucking moods before you do! Yall need to stop reading and controlling you toys and let them be family like your kids and learn from them!!!

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  6. robertosilva

    robertosilva Little Dog

    Is it really that hard to realise that dogs were bred for specific tasks and their genetics control everything down to the colour, size, shape, behaviour. DNA is like code in a Computer Programme it absolutely effects our behaviour and make up.

    You couldn't train out Down Syndrome in humans, you cannot get rid of that extra Chromosone.

    Terriers were bred to be small so they could go to ground those traits are in their genetics that determine the breeds over thousands of years. Sight hounds were bred for running ability and focus to catch moving game. Retriever dogs want to retrieve because thats what they were selectively bred for and inherit those traits.

    You can train an APBT as a guard dog but it will not pass on those traits to it's offspring, where as the guardian breeds are naturally protective.

    Very few attack or Police dogs make it through the process and if they don't you may well end up with a partly trained and volatile dog that is not safe as a pet.
  7. kayla baxter

    kayla baxter Big Dog

    Right. Why don't you go ahead and buy an English bulldog and teach it to heard like a working line border collie?

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  8. robertosilva

    robertosilva Little Dog

    If you look at working Lurchers, Usually Greyhound X with Collies, various terriers, Bull Breeds and many others to add some courage, durability, rough coat, wind, Bite, depending on the quarry, and other qualities lacking in the Pure Greyhound.

    Speed, movement, sight hound qualities and docile off duty nature from the Greyhound then adding whatever qualities needed.

    Of course dogs have natural traits depending on their genetics. Breed manbiters to other manbiters long enough those traits will show through.
  9. Novy

    Novy Little Dog Premium Member

    Dude's built like a twig, he'd need a dog to stand up for him.
  10. Stretch

    Stretch Puppy

    So human DNA has no impact on your behavior only on how you look? You're still sticking to that huh? Good one

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  11. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    That is ridiculous to say genetics have no effect on temperament, humans or dogs alike (though I try not to compare them as people tend to take it too far).

    Dogs will do what they're bred to do. Bulldogs will fight, herders will herd, retrievers will retrieve. If they didn't have different characteristics like this, there wouldn't be different breeds. It's not all about looks.

    How do you explain humans who are raised in great families that go on to do terrible things? Serial killers, school shooters, etc. It's not always to do with upbringing. Some people are just not normal mentally, same goes for dogs.
  12. robertosilva

    robertosilva Little Dog

    Yeah, but, yeah, but, it's all about how they are raised, y'know?
    I can take a true temperament Fila and teach it to love strangers. I can take a Patterdale from working stock and make sure it is good around my pet Roland the Rat.

    I am the Alpha, The Omega, and everything else in between. I command these beasts and will make any dog yield to my demands, for I am man.

    All dogs are equal and no dog is vicious no matter what the ADBA and UKC standard may say about dog aggression in The American Pit Bull Terrier. I know better and raise 'em right, yes sir.

  13. FetchingInTheRain

    FetchingInTheRain Little Dog Premium Member

  14. Yall arguing with yourselfs wen I leave makes yall look dumb but it's OK idc I have a life

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  15. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    You sure are getting super upset while claiming not to care.

    Has it occurred to you yet that you joined the forum to learn more yet apparently you know more than every single person here? I promise that you have a long way to go and no one will ever want to help you with that attitude of yours.
  16. FetchingInTheRain

    FetchingInTheRain Little Dog Premium Member

    Wow..how old are you? I'd thought you were an adult but perhaps I was mistaken. You need to see that sometimes you aren't always right and accept that and take it as a learning lesson rather than an argument. Not sure how it is "wen you leave" that we look dumb because you sure do proceed to come back. I recommend you read what others have to say entirely and not just bits and crumbs of information lacking any detailed meaning. I'm sure we all have lives here otherwise we wouldn't be typing to better someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.
  17. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

  18. Stretch

    Stretch Puppy

    which is why you are still here, seeing what we have to say...must be some life you have
  19. cagethedogman

    cagethedogman Little Dog

    Lol you give somebody enough rope!!! I surely didn't think they would say genetics has no bearing on how a dog acts.... This person carries a vast knowledge of dogs... But needs tips on building muscle..... SMH whoever this person is they aren't fit to own any dog, and I find it hard to believe anyone would put a trained attack dog in their hands.
  20. fandt94

    fandt94 Little Dog Premium Member

    Definitely not an adult, he/she is 19 from their profile. My 17 year old has more knowledge on dogs :no2:

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