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Need some good new toy ideas?

Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
Looking for fun and tuff interactive toys for my boys. I have tried kongs and such things, but I am looking more for toys I can play with them with or toys they can play with themselves and get exercise while playing with them.

I was looking at something like this maybe? But I heard the tops come off easy.

Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Ball - Dog.com

Any ideas that lasted your dogs would be great. They are chewers and I hate spending money on expensive toys that wont last them. Thanks!


Good Dog
Abby eats thru everything I have no clue rope toys have held up the best I think. I live near a golf course and found a destroyed golf ball in my yard today


Jolly Balls are GREAT! My dog will eat just about anything, and this is one of the few toys she LOVES and hasn't killed. She even set one in front of a space heater, the thing half melted and she can still play with it without shredding it. I have seen a few sizes, some with ropes through them. Personally I love these and would definitely suggest getting at least one. We found several at a local Farm & Home supply store, they were cheap too compared to toys like the kong. I looked online and it seems that these can get pricey, if you have a tractor supply or a similar store nearby I would check them out! I always find great toys for my dog there and they are pretty reasonably priced.


Best ever! Goughnuts!

For a fetch toy, I really like GoughNuts Dog Chew Toy

They are very hardy and freaking awesome. They have a ball in the works, and I'm sooo excited for it to be available, lol.

I totally agree! Moose broke through one, just barely...got to the red. I sent it back and had a brand new one within a week. These toys are amazing. My German shepherd loves them too. I can't wait to get the new ball. Nothing shreds or breaks off. They chew like they are pacifiers, toss them around and they bounce...hysterical.:sonn_u11:

By the way, it will not break teeth either like Nylabone products!
GoughNuts are great. Neither of my girls have been able to destroy their goughnut whereas they destroyed their kong in no time flat! The goughnuts are expensive but worth is because they last and as stated up above...if ever your dog does manage to inflict damage, they'll replace it. My only complaint is they have a rubber tire/baconish smell that I'm not too fond of but other than that they're great.

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BTW, we got the black goughnuts. We got ours from BlueLuke's site: www.LukesAllNatural.com Always great, fast, professional service. Highly recommend. :)

Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog
Staff member
Galileo bones... hands down!! Here's a link to what they look like. Get the Souper size, the regular size isn't large enough to withstand their chewing. I've had mine 3 years and Mollie and Bella both chew on it. Once you get past what they look like, and the price, you find they are the best thing going, and WELL worth the money invested... in 3 years, I would have spent double the amount on toys that would have been shredded. They are definitely a good investment. :) Also, the EggE and Gonut.. Titan1 is a member on here, and sells those, you can send him a PM.. I'm not sure if he gives discounts to PBC members, but if you ask, he might. :D He has the Gonut and the Egge and both are great toys that are hard to destroy, the EggE is a great outside toy for them to chase after. :) Other good toys are the Jolly Ball and the Boomer Ball.

Titan1's website:
Nutra-9 Web Site - Toys

Galileo bones... be sure to get the Souper size:
Nylabone Galileo Bone at PETCO

Boomer Ball:
BoomerBall.com | Animal Enrichment Zoo Toys indestructible dog toys BoomerBall.com | hearding ball, hearding trainer, indestructible dog toys


Krypto Super Dog
I like the Galileo bones, although they definitely haven't held up as well as some say in my house! Here's what mine look like after a few months of chewing:


It's half the original size LOL. I'm going to buy them some new ones soon, since both of mine are bone-aholics.


Good Dog
My mom bought an Egge for her dog and he didn't care for it at all so she gave it to me and Socrates goes absolutely wild for the thing. It is best if you have a hard surface (like a patio area) to let them play with it on because then it rolls easier. I let Socrates play with his for about 20 minutes at a time and then take it away because I don't want him to kill himself. He runs around growling and barking at it until he is so tired he can't help but lay down.


Good Dog
Marco loves his Egge as well. He barks at it like crazy, he'll push it around with his nose too but when he gets to hot or tired he just lays down and chews on it/ licks it lol. We also have a regular Jolly Ball that has a red plug on it that he is obsessed with trying to get out, 90% sure that will never happen.


Krypto Super Dog
I have a goughnut by dog won't touch it...so I guess it will last forever.

Squirrel Dude Product Description - Premier Pet

My pup loves the busy buddy filled with large sweet potato treats. This thing has lasted 2 months, so far so good.

Yeah mine won't touch their Goughnuts either :( Little snots.

They like bones. And their Wubba, but they only get that when we play fetch. That's about it.. I've made them boring because they could never have "fun" toys, like stuffed animals, etc., since they would destroy them in minutes.


get a small box full it up with what ever food or treat your dog like and put duck tape all around it and poke a few holes in it