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Need help guys!!!

Papo is now 1year and 2 month old..... He is about 60-70 lbs and does not like eating much... I heard he should be eating 3-5 cups a day when he only eats 1-2..... I buy him blue wilderness but only eats it all if I put a egg in it.... His eye is swollen and squinty and has been like that for a while.. He can see out of it but both his pupils are diff sizes and his 3rd eye lid is up.... Any suggestions?!!!!


Don't feed him more..if he won't eat more then he won't eat more. He certainly isn't underweight...he could even stand to lose a few if you ask me. As far as the eye thing, I'm not sure. Sometimes that happens from stress, but could he have been stung by a bug?

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Also, a dog will not starve himself. Giving him an egg every day can be bad, depending. I give my dogs eggs only once a week. It varies though and someone else may have better info on that.

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Team Peanut

sounds like he is eating what he should be. dogs eating junky foods will require more food then ones on better foods such as what you are feeding your dog.
for his eye i would take him into the vet he could have a number of things going on. 2 different sized pupils would worry me and only a vet can tell you what is going on and how to fix it for him. please keep us updated with his eye.


Good Dog
1-2 cups of a good food for a adult dog is fine.

The eye thing should be seen by a vet ASAP...