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Need Help!! 4 Month old APBT potty problems?

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by Beautibull, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Beautibull

    Beautibull Puppy

    Hi, yesterday I recieved a early christmas present which seems to be a little troublemaker. My dad took him in from someone who neglected him so basically he was starved and was out in a yard the whole time. He doesn't even know how to use stairs. Yesterday I took him for a walk and he kept licking the ground. Today I took him out and no problem. The question I have is should I leave a water bowl out for him? It seems that if I do he finishes it in 10 seconds just gulping it down and wanting more. Another question I have is how long did it take to get your dog potty trained? Thanks in advance. And yes I did do research on this breed.

  2. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    First thing to do (with any new dog) is to see a vet first thing. Being that he is young, he needs to be on a vaccination schedule, and you will also probably want to check for worms/deworm him. He also needs a general health check. Excessive thirst would concern me. Pups can get sick really quickly, so this shouldn't be put off.

    I generally keep water available for mine until about an hour before bed time. You may want to put it on a schedule though since you're potty training, and offer water just before going outside to potty. I would try to go every hour to two hours until you're getting some consistency and not having accidents. As far as how long it takes, that totally depends on the dog. The nice thing about a 4 month old is that physically, the dog should be more capable of holding it for longer periods of time and recognizing the need to go than a younger puppy would be.

    Some general tips on potty training:

    Positive Potty Training Tips
    Housebreaking Your Puppy
  3. Beautibull

    Beautibull Puppy

    I plan on taking him to the vet on thursday. lol and he cannot hold it very long he does it every 30-45 minutes. So i guess inbetween those times i should take him out or let him out.
  4. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    Basically, every time he eats or drinks, I would take him out, and in between too. Keep him with you at all times, and if it seems like he's sniffing around/looking for a place to go, take him out. If he was really just left outside at his previous home, he probably has no real concept yet of potty training. The techniques will be the same as with a younger puppy, but physically things should be a little simpler at 4 months. The vet visit can rule out or pinpoint any health concerns, and then consistency is the most important thing.

    Now is also a good time to be working on general obedience training and also leash training. In my opinion, that helps with potty training to an extent, and it keeps them occupied while inside.
  5. Beautibull

    Beautibull Puppy

    I always keep him with me, If I let him pee in the house my mother would go crazy lol. And not to suprising he's actually very smart he already knows the basic commands, like sit, lay down, come and out. Still got to work on a lot more but its a start. Do you think I shouldtake my dogs out one at a time? So I can focus on them heeling and not to pull. My other dog is a 8 yr old yorkie, he's pretty good at heeling but when i walk both of them it's alot to handle.
  6. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    Yes, with a puppy, I would start him out on his own and work on leash walking. I did a lot of leash training in the house in the beginning too - less distractions, and less reason to get excited and pull than when you're outside. Actually, potty training was done on leash too, so that he learned to get out and go rather than run around like a jack ass and try to play.
  7. HeyJude

    HeyJude Puppy

    My pup is 3 1/2 mos old and she has been potty trained for several weeks now. It is so important to have someone home with the dog at all times and who is willing to help reinforce the potty training. Every time we took Roxy out we would say "Potty" and I attached some bells to the door, like jingle bells, and we ring the bell. Now, when she has to go out she rings the bell!! How cool is that?? Only problem is she rings the bell a lot but I'd rather be safe than sorry, know what I mean?? Good luck with your puppy!! Males are a little bit harder to housebreak so be patient.
  8. Beautibull

    Beautibull Puppy

    Thank you so much everyone! And Jude how in the?! lol I really need to step up my game. I'm going to try the bell. And one more question for anyone out there. My older dog was not greatly socialized, not aggressive just very nervous and curious. Any who I got the pup and he's great very calm. My older dog seems to run away every time the puppy comes to me and he wont get close. I have given them both the equal amount of attention if not more for my older dog. I know it's only been two days but just worried. Anyone had this type of situation?
  9. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Good Dog

    I have a multi- dog household. We have two apbt's and two 12 lb poodle mixes. They get along great but, we always supervise them and they are never alone together. I also suggest, crate training your puppy now. He will whine and cry for the first few times. But, soon he will love his crate as a safe place.
    Every time we added a dog the original dog/s would need time to adjust. It may be a day, a week, months even years. Just remember to give the original dog attention as you had the yorkie for 8 years. It will be an adjustment for the small guy. I tend to take my small dogs out, for car rides when I have a quick errand to run. It helped show my two little guys that we didn't forget about them. I noticed they started opening up more when we gave them specialized attention. Once my little guys realized they had two bad ass bitches to protect them, they really became open to the idea of two big dogs in the house.

    Everything will work out fine, so long as you don't leave them unsupervised. Even for minutes. It's a good habit to get in now. One day you may need to separate the two dogs permanently. Every situation is different and should be treated as such. I suggest doing some obedience training asap. Do you have a backyard? Is it fenced? If not fenced I suggest you get on that now.

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