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NC-Cumberland County law banning tethering takes effect

Discussion in 'Dog Ordinances & Laws' started by Vicki, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Cumberland law banning tethering takes effect Saturday

    Published: 05:18 AM, Mon Jul 27, 2009
    By Francis X. Gilpin

    Saturday is an occasion for Cumberland County canines to celebrate.
    That's when a new anti-tethering ordinance goes on the county books.
    Along with the dogs, Shelby Townsend couldn't be happier.

    Townsend, the founder of Unchain Cumberland County, pushed county commissioners to outlaw the practice of tying dogs to stationary objects in yards.

    "I did have the loudest mouth in the bunch. But I had a lot of help," said Townsend. "A lot of people wanted that ordinance. So my efforts were for all of us."
    Animal advocates say tethering is cruel to the pets and can be dangerous for humans.

    Scottie Harris, county animal services director, said his officers are ready to enforce the rule.

    "We're looking for cooperation from the owners," he said. "Our first goal is to get compliance through education."

    Uneducable repeat offenders who refuse to cooperate will receive $100 civil fines.

    "We hope it doesn't get to that situation," Harris said.

    Townsend thanked County Attorney Grainger Barrett for drafting the ordinance. "He is a true, true gentleman," she said.

    She also singled out commissioners Kenneth Edge and Billy King for praise. They were crucial to getting the ordinance passed last winter, she said.

    "They didn't do it for me or anybody else," Townsend said. "They did it because it was the right thing to do."

    As Townsend spoke on the phone, she said the inspiration for the ordinance stared at her. Townsend said Rhudy looked like he wanted to go outside - untethered - to play.

    Three years ago, Rhudy showed up on Townsend's doorstep as a stray with a piece of chain implanted in his neck.

    "Animal rescue is my life," Townsend said.

    This time, however, she wasn't going to leave it at just taking Rhudy into her Gray's Creek home and nursing the chocolate Labrador retriever back to health.

    "I had no interest, no knowledge of politics whatsoever," said Townsend. "Didn't even like the sound of it."

    But Townsend learned fast.

    Looking back, she said her biggest disappointment was the county Animal Services Board.

    Townsend accused the board, which advises the commissioners on animal issues and hears appeals of enforcement actions, of obstructing her crusade by recommending watered-down rule changes.

    "I don't know why in the world I did not have any support from the board," Townsend said. "But I did not have one iota."

    Two members of the board, Chairman John Lauby and Paula Thomason, couldn't be reached for comment last week.

    The ordinance could be a boon for fence companies. For dog owners who cannot afford a new fence, Unchain Cumberland County is coordinating donations of labor, materials and money to erect fences in the yards of low-income households.

    Harris said the ordinance cannot be enforced in Fayetteville, Hope Mills and Spring Lake because those municipalities have their own animal codes.
    Townsend said Mayor Tony Chavonne has promised to introduce a Fayetteville tethering ordinance.

    "I'm not going to stop here," Townsend said. "My work is not done."
    Despite county hopes for widespread compliance, Townsend said she expects resistance in rural areas.

    Townsend said she knows a bear hunter with 17 pit bulls tied up on his property.

    She said he recently told her: "M'am, you need to mind your own business and quit prancing around that courthouse."

    Townsend, laughing at the remark, further quoted the dog owner: "I've got 17 bear dogs chained in my backyard, and they like it that way."

    Townsend was skeptical. "I said: 'They told you that, did they?' "

    FayObserver.com - -
  2. lmwst18

    lmwst18 Good Dog

    Atleast they are paying for fences..

    I'm glad I live in Hoke County right outside of Cumberland
  3. Wootness

    Wootness Good Dog

    I mean I understand her wanting to help those that are abused on chains but for some people tethering is all they can do. Would they not want responsible people PROPER:Y containting their animal or have the risk of it getting out of a fence? I swear the things that happen these days is crazy
  4. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    She said he recently told her: "M'am, you need to mind your own business and quit prancing around that courthouse."

    I want to be friends with the guy that said this, though I don't know about using APBT as bear dogs. I guess it could be done, but I don't know.

    Anti-tether laws are just plain dumb in my opinion. Let's not worry about neglected or abused dogs no matter how they are contained. Let's not go after the Irresponsible owners. Let's blame everything on the chain. Sounds a lot like BSL. Don't blame the owner, blame the APBTs.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 30, 2009
  5. ~D~

    ~D~ Puppy

    I had mixed feelings about this law. There is this little furry dog on a chain down the road. Looks like collie mix mutt. Anyway he has lived his whole life on a chain. Never taken for walks, never played with, never petted. They go out once to give him his food. I am sure that dog is thinking Oh Boy here they come again maybe this time they will pet me and play with me or maybe they will take me for a walk and each day he get nothing from his owner but the food :rolleyes:. For this is why most people hate chains.

    Now joined here I can see how chains are sometimes needed. If that is the only way to keep your dog at home because fences do not work. I agree they should punish the owners and not the dogs.

    But how does anyone really know if the dog is not being left on a chain and not care for. I mean there is this guy in the next county that has 140 curs all tied to trees. Now tell me how is it possible for one man to take each one off and play with each one daily impossible.

    This is what the everyday Joe sees and theu think they are doing a good thing.

    I do very much feel that we don't need any more laws. We have way too many now.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 30, 2009
  6. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I understand what you are saying, D, but I see many dogs in pens that are just as neglected as the dogs on the chain, and I think to myself, why aren't the anti-chaining people on the crusade to protect them as well?
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 30, 2009
  7. lmwst18

    lmwst18 Good Dog

    I agree with CHJ..
  8. ~D~

    ~D~ Puppy

    I agree with you 100%
  9. retro

    retro Little Dog

    this just makes me ill. NC has fallen victim to these HSUS backed, amanda arrington spearheaded nuts... i almost wish it was still a "red" state, where people ( and the government) mind their own business.
  10. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I know what you mean, Retro. It's annoying.
  11. mjohn

    mjohn Puppy

    I have to say I'm surprised at the responses on here for the anti-tethering law for my community. How can any of you think tethering any breed would be beneficial or not harmful to an animal? If a person can't afford or does not have the property to place a dog in a secured fence or area then the person should not have a dog! Too many people get 'lawn ornaments' and refer to them as their dog. Why would anyone think tethering a dog is okay? It's harmful to the dog but it also creates aggression in the animal that will be frustrated, anti social, dangerous to people if ever off chain. People representing this breed or any breed of dog I would've thought to be a champion and speaker for those that cannot speak for themselves. People do not chain criminals, murderers, child abusers, why would you chain a dog who's only desire in life is to please its guardian? As for Shelby Townsend, she is a rescuer and angel for dogs of all breeds, and cats too. People have no business bad mouthing her or cause. Laws such as this exists because ignorant people with low IQ's are too stupid to acknowledge or do the right thing in the first place.
  12. supersport

    supersport Puppy


    A study done by Cornell University on thethering vs pen confinement. I swear these humaniacs h
    ave the definition of tunnel vision. I've kept APBT's on chains for more than 10 years and let my 8 and 6 year old daughters feed them. I've seen "Professional" kennels registered with the usda have concrete slabs and chain link kennels with ALL the dogs pacing and circling. It reminded me of a prison movie. I bet these people (Cornell University Veterinarian dept.)are A HELLUVA LOT smarter than you mjohn. Keep your HSUS propaganda off this board, since that's only reason you registered mr. Onepost.

    ---------- Post added at 07:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:25 AM ----------

    I'd even venture to say mJohn is friends with Shelby Townsend, and also a woman with childhood abandonment issues, as I suspect MANY humaniacs are. Could be wrong, just a guess.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2009
  13. lmwst18

    lmwst18 Good Dog

    What studies of a "PROPER" Chain setup do you know of that back your claims of causing frustration and causing agression or harm to the dog? I'd love to see these case studies Mjohn. Anything can be bad mjohn. I can have a secured fenced in back yard as you stated as the best option and it could be worse for my dog. He could dig out of the fence, another dog could dig its way in mine and that would harm my dog as well. What if I had a multi dog home where two of my dogs were DA, because lets face it this breed is bred specifically for its DA. You think I should just let them roam free in a back yard where they could attack each other and cause harm? Or should I lock them in a crate for 24 hours plus because they are DA? Proper chain setups,(Keep in mind I said Proper chain setups) when done right will not harm a dog. Use the right chain and the proper collar and these chain setups can help keep DA dogs seperate without hindering their life. I think you haven't really done your homework on this breed to think they can free roam like any other breed.

    Side note, I think we should chain up murders and rapists. Go back to the good old days of chain gangs. They don't deserve respect IMO. You can't relate dogs to humans.

    So please.. supply me with those studies. It's my community as well, and it's MY dog.

    ---------- Post added at 09:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:02 AM ----------

    Oh and the studies should NOT be from HSUS/ASPCA, or PETA.. I want College studies.
  14. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    mjohn, my dogs would easily get out of a fenced in area. My dogs can't run loose together in a chained in area, either.

    As for a kennel, my dogs get more freedom and space on their chains then they would in a kennel.

    The only other option would be crating them all inside which I think it much more cruel, since, they can't walk around or relieve themselves. I do understand why some people need to crate, i.e. a highly populated area where it would be easy to steal or poison the dog, but I don't have this problem.

    My dogs get plenty of exercise, love, and attention. They are happy dogs. My dogs are not human aggressive, not even close, and not anti-social. The chain isn't the problem. It's the Irresponsible Neglectful/abusive owner.

    A chain doesn't make the dog aggression, nor anti-social. It is neglect or poor breeding that does that. To blame everything on the chain and this that outlawing the chain will solve the problem is ignorant. The people who abuse or neglect their dogs will continue to abuse or neglect their dog whether they can chain the dog or if they have a pen for the dog.
  15. angelaford

    angelaford Puppy

    I'm new and just seeing this. It's great to read impassioned arguments for both sides, and I can see both sides. I have an AmStaff (Wentworth) and a mixed breed who is our alpha (Kodiak). Kodiak roams the house during the day and Wentworth does so intermittantly, with some crating depending on how long we're gone. I wish we had a fenced yard, but they do so well inside that it works out best for everyone. I'm glad I don't have to tether, but can see how it could be done well. They're such well behaved dogs that we trust we are able to return to a house and doggies the way we left them.
  16. mezzy318

    mezzy318 Puppy

    I think the law is kinda stupid, I have a malamute who gets out of my Fence and runs across a the highway, Now when im gone for a long period of time i do put her inside my home, I have my whole lot fenced and she still manages to get out,
    My Dog Houses are built like stables with the same metal roof that is on my Home
    They are Ac'ed and they get fresh cedar in the winter
    My dogs also have 2 small pools to cool off with,
    My Dogs do sometimes get greedy over food, Its not the chain that abuses the dog, Its the Human
    Dont judge a person when you dont know the whole Story
    It shows bad business skills
    How dare you call my home to ask for help then Judge me because I have My Dog on a Runner!
  17. catchrcall

    catchrcall Good Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    If they're neglected on a chain, they'd be neglected in a kennel too. It ain't the chain's fault. Some dogs just do better on a chain than in a kennel, and that's the truth. Either they are climbers, or jumpers or diggers or just clausterphobic. I had a dog once that would go nuts in a kennel, borderline panic but move her to a cable run and she was calm as can be. Funny thing is that the fences they are paying for are probably the cheapest four foot chain link you can buy. Yeah. That'll hold em.

    ---------- Post added at 09:10 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:08 AM ----------

    And pits as bear dogs? No. Don't have the nose to find them and if they did they'd be way to rough and just wind up getting killed. Somebody needs to come up with a better lie.

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