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Names for Daphnee's pup


Big Dog
They are toying with Penny or Chilli ???

Kim and Mackenzie like Penny
i like Chilli but i prefer PIGLET :lol::lol::lol::lol:
Don't worry i have sent them all your names and i will keep on sending them as i really need to start calling her something, what about Babe:sonn_u11:

Dray x

lol, it'd be nice to refer to the little one by the name
and I don't know Babe might not be very practical once you are on the street with her!


Bull Terrier Moderator
Daphnee:sonn_u11:is the mothers name. No one wants a bleeding name more than me but as we are not keeping her we would rather wait instead of them feeling they should keep the name we have chosen:) There last Bitch was called Keira and that was the little Princess' Gt Grandmother and in between them all was Granny Nala:D
I like Star, Bo, Belle, Puss and Kenzo:sonn_u11: There is also many more that people have put up but hopefully one day soon:rolleyes:

Dray x

Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog
Staff member
Hey, I'm digging the Piglet name, it stands out!!!! Like her :p

I like Sheaba

..........but my FAVORITE is Piglet!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D


Bull Terrier Moderator
Puppies name ????

If it was up to me i think i would choose Piglet:sonn_u11:
2nd place would be Bella:cool:

3rd place Gaia:)

Thanks for all the excellent names, i just wished they would put us all out of our missery:D

Dray x


Good Dog
Well I like Dandee and Gaia as I have a friend with a pittie named Gaia. Is a good strong name. And the Dandee to match Daphnee. :D


Bull Terrier Moderator
Andy has just emailed me to say Piglet is a non-starter so that's mine out:p

Dray x


Good Dog
We had a dog in our program named Gaia, Willow as well.

I like taking a color I like and looking up unusual colors. i.e. Blue=Cobalt.


Good Dog
My mom had a husky who had a single pup,I wanted to call it unos but she wouldnt let me:( I thought it would be a cool name for a single pup.


Krypto Super Dog
Premium Member
I know an amazing dog named Gaia! She pronounces it "guy-uh"

I like Willow too. And Eden. Mostly Eden. Piglet - NO! Come on you guys! lol

I vote Eden :D


Bull Terrier Moderator

Thank you all so much:sonn_u11:

I have sent Andy and Kathie the link to this thread and have told them that you have all been so helpfull and you like me are getting impatient:D
Hopefully soon the Little Princess will have her name:lol:

We know her show name that we want and will be registering her tomorrow night with the KC online:)

Dray x