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My spiders

Discussion in 'Arachnids and Other Bugs' started by Gatorpit, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog



    not my spider...mine is a juvie

  2. Schwe

    Schwe Good Dog

  3. Galadriel

    Galadriel Good Dog

    Oh, very nice! I need to get some updated pics of my T's.
    Is the second one and H. lividum or C. species "blue"?
  4. Jim

    Jim Good Dog

    lmao it's a bully spider.
  5. Debbie

    Debbie Good Dog

    I love the blue one.....for some reason Elvis's "Blue Suede Shoes" popped into my head....[​IMG] :lol:
  6. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    Very cool. I need to get update photos of mine. I did have a death over the winter. My veriscolor kicked the bucket but it was under two inches and super sensitive still. :(
  7. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    I honestly don't know. The guy I bought it from got it from Strictly Reptiles simply as "cobalt blue".

    That picture doesn't do it justice. It's the best blue I've ever seen. I snatched it up as soon as I saw it.

    And I do not profess to being any kind of expert on arachnids, I don't even know what sex it is. But since I'm not planning on breeding...I don't see as how it really matters.
  8. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    Colbalt blue normally is H. Lividum. If it is that blue it is a female. I believe the males are a gray color.
  9. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    I still don't understand why people come into the "creepy" critters pages and respond to posts with sentiments of fear and disgust.

    If it grosses you out so much, don't look.

    If you like to look, then fine. But there's no real need to post displaying your fear or sensitivity on the subject matter. :p
  10. Elvia

    Elvia Little Dog

    Stunning!! I want one so bad! Thinking about getting a female:pName her Charlotte hehe. I might get one on my 19th b-day yay!! I can't decide either a Pink toe, mexican reds or a rose hair:D
  11. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    Rosehairs a a great starter spider. They're relatively easy to maintain, and pretty docile.

    Pink toes are vertical climbers...and can move very fast. This means they can climb smooth vertical surfaces like glass. I wouldn't reccomend one as a first time spider because of that reason.

    I have no experience with the red knees.
  12. Elvia

    Elvia Little Dog

    How about Curly hair T's? A friend of mine that owns them suggested em.
  13. 4PawsK9Svcs

    4PawsK9Svcs Good Dog

    I really don't know much about spiders (except that they are unwelcome in my house if they are poisonous), but those are pretty nice looking! I knew someone that had the basic red-knee tarantula (?? if thats even what they're called??), it was tame enough, I just am more of a snake person for the "creepy" pets, lol!
  14. Elvia

    Elvia Little Dog

    lmao! Yes they're called the red knee T's. I've owned snakes, lizards and all have bitten me:lol: I can't wait to own a Tarantula. And I take back the "Charlotte" name and change her to "Shelly":D
  15. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    im being dead serious when i ask this.. exactly what is it that you do with these things?? just look at them?? i mean do you actually touch them??

    that razors edge looking one is really pretty in a weird sort of way
  16. Elvia

    Elvia Little Dog

    Sort of, It's a hobby really. They can be held but not all the time.
  17. hogar

    hogar Good Dog

    I have the same Question
  18. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    beautiful! i had a trapdoor,along with the infamous redknee awhile back, they're neat little things aren't they?
  19. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    Pretty much my spiders just sit in their tanks and look pretty. :lol: I do not handle them at all.
  20. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    What do we do with them?
    Well, pretty much like fish. It's not good to handle them too often, mostly because if they flick hairs or bite, you'll probably drop and hurt them, it also stresses them out.

    It's a hobby, just like those who collect rare plants, fish, small fragile animals ect.

    I got my first one, a rosie, and she turned out to be super aggressive. So I just kept her tank clean, fed and watered her, and left her be. She nailed me more than once :lol:
    When I lost my bulldog, I sold her and my fish.

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