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My parents have fallen...


Big Dog
For the bully breeds! It's pitiful really. Ever since Baloo has been gone, my mom will send me pictures of dogs on craigslist that look like him and they have told me stories about how they basically pounce on anyone walking a pit bull and have to pet it and annoy the owners. These are the same people that were so upset with me getting a pit bull because he "would eat me in my sleep" :lol:. Even with the issues Baloo had, people immediately fell in love with him and he made a lot of people change their minds about these dogs.

So anyways, my parents are now fosters for a local Bully Breed Rescue! How strange! They just got their first foster a couple of weeks ago and I could tell immediately they would be terrible foster parents. My mother has fallen in love. The poor dog was a repossession by the rescue. They had adopted her out as a puppy and I guess they checked in on her because the owner said she wasn't getting along with another dog and she wasn't doing too well so they took her back and passed her on to my parents.

She had happy tail and it got seriously infected and started to rot, so they had to amputate her tail. Now she has a cute little nub tail and a shaved butt. I think she's part Am Bulldog because of the underbite. My mom thinks Boxer. Anyways, thought I'd share Meesha!

Wearing all of Baloo's gear.... makes me wanna tear up a little...




She's awful cute. And I don't have my own to show off so I show off other people's dogs! Not weird, right?


Good Dog
Aw, she is adorable! I can see Boxer or AB there, too. Of course the docked tail helps now, too :-)

Do you think they will "fail" as foster parents and adopt her?

#1 stunner

Good Dog
She is so cute!

Tell your parents...welcome to the club!

that is how we got Jasmine, after our Trigger went back home.


Big Dog
Aw, she is adorable! I can see Boxer or AB there, too. Of course the docked tail helps now, too :-)

Do you think they will "fail" as foster parents and adopt her?

Well they really want my fiance and I to take her. And it wouldn't be hard to convince him. I think he likes her a lot. But I think if we don't take her they might. But they've got an older female boxer who doesn't play nicely with other females, so who knows!