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My Little Rescue Project *snake pictures*

Discussion in 'Reptiles & Amphibians' started by Celestial88, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    Here's a picture of his bump from that last feeding.

    Here's a picture from today, before feeding, he's filled out a lot! He'll be going to my friend soon, so this is likely the last meal with me. Looks like I won't have to worry about moving him out of quarantine then, he'll be at her house before his quarantine is up.

    He can handle good sized ones now, snakes are amazing.
  2. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    Wow hes really gotten thick!!
    Will you be getting him back or is she keeping him?
  3. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    So cute! happy to hear he has someone who can take care of him.
    I hate the quality of reptiles at petco, the people working there have no clue what they are talking about and almost every single red tail boa i see there is a star gazer!!
  4. Any updates? This lil one take another meal yet?
  5. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    He just ate, that's what the last pictures were from :)
  6. brindlexpitt

    brindlexpitt Derpidoo

    good lord. were they even feeding it?! filled out quite a bit though. good lookin little sucker.
  7. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    So far, it seems she'll be giving him a forever home. :) She's going to take him to her local reptile vet (don't have any for about 4 hours here -_- ) too.

    Wow, stargazing is scary. I wonder if they keep getting it from the same supplier, either way that's terrible. :(

    From the sounds of it, no :/ From what I gathered they stressed the hell out of him. "He's active and friendly"... a baby corn snake who's continually pacing around the tank and not being feisty is NOT normal >_<
  8. Okay I musta posted like right after you posted the updated pics lmao

    VERY cool! He was sure lucky you took him in! So glad to see he's doing well!!
  9. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    Sorry I missed your reply! Guess we're even now :p

    Thank you! It's rewarding to see him progress.

    He's now at 7 grams, and he just shed last night, his color pattern is very interesting now, though it probably won't really show for a few days. So I get a little keepsake :)

    If all goes according to plan, he'll be shipped to his new home on Monday, and arrive Tuesday morning.

    These first ones are from a week ago, before he shed.
    His head that gave him the "bull terrier/corn mix" title.
    I take that back, he's a rattler/cobra/bull terrier/corn mix.

    And ones from today!
    He's adorable when he's angry
    His shed next to one of Ryuk's that's about 2 months oldish. It's not terribly accurate since sheds are often stretched during the shedding process, Jor's shed is notably longer than him.
  10. Awwwww lookit the lil guy!!!!!! He's growing! And he's coloring up too! I'd end up being attached to him after all the time and effort you're putting in to him....but I'm sure it will be rewarding when he's ready if you do send him off to a new home :)
  11. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    Thanks for the update pic's!

    Is he sassy-snotty or are all snakes "angry"? :lol:
  12. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    He's sure attached himself to me, with his fangs. ;)

    Young/hatchling snakes are often very defensive and feisty but tame out as they get older. My boy Ryuk can go into Petsmart with no issues, yet he was a feisty little guy when I first got him. Nowhere near as feisty as Jor though! His new "mom" likes it though, she finds it cute/wants a snake that'll teach her cat not to poke her face in.
  13. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    He shall be going on a plan in about 3 hours, fingers crossed it all goes well.
  14. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    A plan or a plane?
  15. Lesa_b

    Lesa_b Big Dog

    snakes eating are the coolest thing ever
  16. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    Whats star gazing in snakes? Same as with horses?

    Good Luck little snake!!! :)
  17. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... plane. :o

    Agreed! Still doesn't get old. :)

    I'm not familiar with it in horses
    This explains it
    Stargazer Corn Snake Ians Vivarium

    'I should have an update soon, Fedex is being a PITA though
  18. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    After having a stressful day dealing with lazy delivery men and snarky staff he arrived safe and sound.

    She was letting him slowly get acclimated to the lower temps rather than just tossing him into the cooler correct hide. (It was hotter than expected... I'm glad I decided to put that ice pack in.)
    And this is his new home, larger than it looks, he's in the tropics now. :p (She bought stuff for BPs... sooo the decor isn't corn themed by any means)
  19. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    Thanks for the link. It's different then with horses.
  20. Celestial88

    Celestial88 Good Dog

    Sorry I took so long guys! Been busy with Camp Love-A-Pet.

    Jor has been doing really well, he's settled in nicely to his new home, is eating well, and putting on weight, he's up to 9.3 grams now and 12 inches long.

    She had her vet check him over not too long ago, no respiratory infection, no mites, she said he looks good. Still too small to sex though.

    Sorry for the large size, you can see how his colors have changed in a ... interesting way. And he's got a belly now!

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