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My first question.... introducing Abbi to other dogs

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Beverly Haley, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Ok, When I got Abbi I was told that she was Dog picky.. meaning she liked some dogs but did not like others and they classified her as DA, now this dog was at a shelter for 6 months and only got to go outside a couple of times a day if there were enough volunteers that day and she was also taken to be put on display at various events in hopes that someone would adopt her. I would think that that senario would be stressful for the dog and they may not act the same as they would if they were in a loving home. All of that being said, I have done a few mini meets with Abbi, leashes on both dogs and separated by a fence and I see absolutely no DA at all, her tail is mid point not raised, her body stance is relaxed, no hackles nothing that would suggest that she did not like other dogs. I even got 2 female dogs and she loved both of them.. she just wanted to play, again, no DA that I could see. I have been very careful with Abbi, I let her in the yard so she can smell the other dogs poop and they can smell hers. I have even let her in the house so the other dogs can smell her scent while the other dogs were put away. I would like to introduce her and make her a welcome member of my family... am I going to fast or too slow... I have had her for 17 days and in that time she has been in a very large kennel area Any other suggestions? Thank you.
  2. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    So you have 2 other dogs? Both females. What kind of dogs?
  3. I have a boxer (F) who is also stage 4 renal failure and her time is very close. I also have a 13yr lab mix (M) and a 8yr bloodhound mix (M)... The other female was my brothers rottie. Abbie loved the boxer and the feeling was mutual, both butts were going 90 miles an hour
  4. Reddington

    Reddington Puppy

    I'm no professional but if your boxer's time is close, then perhaps keeping them seperated until she's on her way would be a good idea. She doesn't need more stress at this point in time, and new dogs are always stress.
  5. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    DA can be interesting in when and where it shows. I personally wouldn't risk it with the older Boxer since she is already close to her time, and Boxer females in particular are notorious for being VERY picky about other females. In my experience, Boxers (I have two right now) can be prone to lots of dominance behaviors, and when you combine that with a bully type that has already been assessed as "dog picky", and both dogs are female, it's a potential fight waiting to happen.

    What's interesting about DA is that it doesn't always show instantly. They may seem like "friends" for a brief meeting, or even for some extended play sessions, and then in the blink of an eye, something can happen that sets one or the other dog off, and then the situation rapidly escalates.

    I just wouldn't take the chance. Probably your young bully is more energetic than your old Boxer. If she gets too pushy, and the Boxer gives her a correction, that could be enough to set the bully type off, and a fight could ensue. Ultimately it's your choice and you would better know the dogs, but I do want to give you that warning. All can seem well with two dogs until the second it's not anymore.
  6. I am sorry, I should have been more clear. this will happen after my boxer takes her final walk. The appt is already set.

    Keagan, You know I have had Boxers my entire life and I guess I have been very lucky because I have never seen any aggression from any of them and I have always had at least 2 females... my other female passed last year at 15. This boxer is just 3 years old, she was born with this condition... sucks, but it is what it is.
  7. keagan

    keagan Little Dog

    Really sad to hear about your poor Boxer. :( I'm sorry you're going through that.

    I consider myself a Boxer person more that a bully person, and they're great dogs. I've been lucky with mine as well, and haven't really had any issues. I just know that female to female aggression is pretty common. In fact, the Boxer rescue where I used to live wouldn't adopt a female into a family with an existing female. I've never had two females living together, and my current female pretty much loves all dogs without question. She is pushy though and I wouldn't risk her around other pushy, dominant behavior prone dogs, because she would start crap without necessarily meaning to. My best friend's female Boxer on the other hand is snarky with pretty much all females, but great with males (and lives with two male Boxers). I have also had multiple males with no issues at all. Depends on the dog, I'm sure.

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