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My english bull terrier is sick. Please help.

Hi I'm new to this site and wanted to see if anyone out there can help. Me and my famliy got our Juliet in December for my lil girl. She is only 4 months old and about 3 weeks ago started to vomit. We have took her to 4 vets. And many test. We thought she might have a partial blockage. So our vet did a barium on her to see what is going on. He did surgery on her for obstruction. And found notting worng. Only that she was backed up with poo and found some twigs and leaves and tons of poo in her stomach and small intestine. All the vet told me was he can not figure out why she is throwing up so much (has been vomiting for 3 weeks sill very playful and still going to the restroom fine just the vomit) that its a mystery to him. And that if the vomit dose not stop after he pushed what was backed up inside her. We might need to go to a specialist. Last night was the 1st night back seen surgery and she is still throwing up. The vet said she would beacuse of anastasia. But she was vomiting a whole lot. Even this morning. I'm tired and scared for all of this. I do not understand why or what is going on with her. If anyone can please help or maybe u have heard other stoires about this breed or anything. It would be so helpful. Im starting to lose hope and feel sick.


I would get her to a HOLISTIC vet right away. Do not take her to another conventional vet. A holistic vet does things a little differently, and will probably be able to determine what is wrong.


Good Dog
Have you talked to the breeder to see if they have any history of this with their dogs? I would definitely look into a specialist over a general vet at this time.


Good Dog
I sent this thread to my friend Joy. She knows BT's and has a BT community behind her. Maybe she'll know.

Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog
Staff member
That is super scary. I hope she is feeling better now and not throwing up anymore. Please update us when you can. Hopefully she wsa just sick from the anesthesia. Fingers crossed that it is nothing serious.


Good Dog
Waiting for Joy to get off her butt and post to this thread!!!!!

She has a Idea what this might be...
Joy Where are you?