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My dog got attacked

Lillie May

Good Dog
He's super cute! Just an FYI blue nose is only describing the color of a dog's nose, same for black, or red nose. They're not different breeds. Can you get a better picture of the registeration papers and pedigree? The pedigree especially, as members can tell you more about your pup.

An aside Staffy, what's Super Saiyan?


Staff member
Hi Lillie :)

The dogs name is Goku, which is the name of an anime character. He is a Saiyan and they transform into Super Saiyans. Real name is Kakarot..

Has he went Super Saiyan yet?

No not yet. This isn't his final form . Give him another year.


Him at 4 1/2 months at 45 pounds. He's getting to his super saiyan stage
He looks super sweet. 60 lbs at 6 months, he's an Am Bully?

He has a great temper with people and dogs. Always playful with small or big dogs. He's registered in ukc as a apbt. I had one person here tell me to register him as a bully cause of his bloodline but I don't see the need to.


Premium Member
If you're not going to compete with him in conformation or other events, it doesn't matter in that regard. But yes, if his bloodlines are bully lines, then he's not an APBT and you shouldn't call him one.


Staff member
Just thought id let you know, i am picking up a new pup tomorrow, i named him Broly :)

I will post some pics tomorrow night when i get home....


Little Dog
Don't know... I wrote something in the wrong thread I think...
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