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my boy at 14months

Discussion in 'Today's APBT Pictures' started by meno222, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. meno222

    meno222 Puppy

  2. Madeleinemom

    Madeleinemom MS Bites, My Dog Didn't Staff Member

  3. lkelley36

    lkelley36 Big Dog

  4. SweetPerks24

    SweetPerks24 Big Dog

    Very handsome!! :)
  5. damianleigh

    damianleigh Little Dog

    Great looking dog, keep up the good work.
  6. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    looks good
  7. Humblepit

    Humblepit Good Dog

    Good looking boy! I couldn't help to notice, but your shorts look like you work for the post office. No disrespect. Lol
  8. luckilylovinlyfe

    luckilylovinlyfe Good Dog

    yes, definitly p.o shorts lol.... is it just me or do most of the black apbts have ears like that instead of rose (correct me if I put the wrong ear set)
  9. DieselPitBull

    DieselPitBull Good Dog

    wow! I wouldn't mind feeding him! He looks great!

    ---------- Post added at 08:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:12 PM ----------

    how is he personality wise?
  10. meno222

    meno222 Puppy

    yes iam a letter carrier,about the only one in my office that likes and defends the apbt.

    he is very stable and smart with enough drive to give him a good work out. whish he was alittle more intense.but iam hoping that when he fully matures his drive will increase.iam about to start working him out for an adba show in may in martinez ca.hopefully i could champion him out by the age of two. he already has 50 points.

    thanks to everyone for the great compliments
  11. 6pack1%er

    6pack1%er Good Dog

    Good looking well bred hound..
  12. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    Oh man.... he is STUNNING!
  13. #1 stunner

    #1 stunner Good Dog

    He looks sharp! Thank you for sharing.
  14. brindlexpitt

    brindlexpitt Derpidoo

    i looooove it. had a dog here that had em, couldnt resist playing with them
  15. LSK

    LSK Puppy

    Very well put together dog! Dogs huge, dont think he's growing anymore at 14months though. My friend has 2 off Badger and both are protective of him and dont warm up to all house guests, wont leave his side. Not my thing. Dog looks great, good luck...
  16. meno222

    meno222 Puppy

    my dog is not protective at all, very freindly and balanced.he is alittle big but i got used to it. he might just fill in alittle but shouldnt get any bigger.
  17. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    Good looking dog you got there!
  18. Little Lizard

    Little Lizard Little Dog

    Absolutely stunning dog. And he's got a great ped. I'm definitely jealous right now.
  19. phillysmom

    phillysmom Good Dog

    He looks good!

  20. Really? All the PBs I've had have been taller. I know certain bloodlines have certain features. Just really started looking at bloodlines. When I've picked I went on gut instict, how they reacted to me did they have the "look" I was looking for, how the parents looked..balance I guess you would call it. What do you feed and what's your exercise regime like for him?
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