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My ATM/Skull male

Discussion in 'Today's APBT Pictures' started by bad company, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    that dog is stunning!
    I think I'm in love... ^^
  2. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    He's gorgeous! He looks just like my friends dog Ash that I am totally smitten with! :)
  3. bad company

    bad company Puppy


    here is a update on Bodie...11 months...43lbs of straight energy..

    looks somewhat like His grandpaw in the face...Skull ROM
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 8, 2009
  4. dogmanhazel

    dogmanhazel Little Dog

    nice dog getting my skull bred bitch soon can't wait.i think i had an accident.lol
  5. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Looks good.
  6. bad company

    bad company Puppy


    Just some fresh pics:sonn_u11:
  7. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    looks a lot like skull good lookin dog good luck with him
  8. bad company

    bad company Puppy

  9. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    He is very handsome.
  10. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    He's damn fine looking!

    If I might be so arrogant as to make a suggestion: prop his dog house off of the ground... The bottom will rot otherwise. Cinderblocks worked great for me.
  11. Papou

    Papou Puppy

    30lbs at 8 months? Damn, the dog I got from Garner`s Dynomite is 53lbs at 7 months!

    I didn`t know they came this small...

    Very beautiful dog though, grats!
  12. teestee

    teestee Puppy


    That dog is put together right!!Very well bred also.
  13. SorryPlug

    SorryPlug Puppy

    Good looking pup. Wouldn't mind having something off that ATMxPiney litter. I'm keeping CGD in mind for the future.
  14. bad company

    bad company Puppy

    update pic...18 months 44 lbs...pics taken same day

  15. magdalena

    magdalena Good Dog

    Wow that dog is stunning. Love the size!
  16. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    Ok... I'm officially in love with him. :lol: Just GORGEOUS! :)
  17. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member

    All of you with the black dogs need to stop teasing me!

    He's very handsome!
  18. Libby

    Libby GRCH Dog

    He's stunning!
  19. wow very nice boy u have there :D
  20. Super Sport

    Super Sport Puppy

    Nice looking dog and nice ped. hope he turns out for you, looks alot like Capt. Marvel to me, with the white on his chest.

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