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My 50% American Bulldog...LOL

Discussion in 'American Bulldog' started by Castanha, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Castanha

    Castanha Puppy

    Some of you may have seen these pics already, but I thought I post them again in the American Bulldog since she is after all 50% AB...lol

    at 8 weeks old



    at 4 months old

    at 8 months old

    anywhere from 9 months old to present at 14 months...












    sorry if i posted waaayyyy too many pics... :)
  2. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    She's cute. :)
  3. Castanha

    Castanha Puppy

    Thank you. Can you tell she is spoiled beyong reason???...;)
  4. ConMan

    ConMan <b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo

    Wow! She is nice looking for a mix, I love that she's so athletic!
    Nice pics!
  5. Castanha

    Castanha Puppy

    Thank you. I am trying to keep her athletic as can be, and it's good for me too...lol
  6. Teal

    Teal Krypto Super Dog Premium Member

    Maybe I missed it... but what is the other 50%? LOL She's cute :)

    LOVE that leather collar, by the way!
  7. Humblepit

    Humblepit Good Dog

    Looking good!!
  8. Castanha

    Castanha Puppy

    Thanks ...that other 50% is combined of 2 breeds. 25% Catahoula, 25% Black Mouth Cur.
  9. She kinda looks like a rhodesian ridgeback,, IMO.. really nice lookin dog!
  10. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator


    Oh my goodness!!!!! Be still my :hearts::hearts:

  11. OBIWAN_dza

    OBIWAN_dza Little Dog

    She rock climbs?! Ive got fingers and what not and i cant even rock climb lol
  12. jaybirdsmommy

    jaybirdsmommy Little Dog

    :hearts: i love abs!!!!!!
  13. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    she's pretty!
  14. charlieblue

    charlieblue Big Dog

    She is beautiful! Never too many pics, IMO.☺*

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