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More News on Wildside Bust

Discussion in 'Dog Blogs' started by B-More Bulldogs, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. B-More Bulldogs

    B-More Bulldogs B-More Bulldogs RSS Feed

    OK, so the officials are trying to get Ed Faron to pay up for care of his dogs, to the tune of more than $50,0000. In five days' time. If he doesn't pay, they want him to sign the dogs over to the county, who will then care for them till the trial is over, then kill them all. Because they are fighting dogs and therefore "dangerous animals."

    This disgusts me. And further convinces me that the goal in many of these busts is just to get the dogs into custody, signed over, and killed.

    This is not humane. This is not just. This is not right.

    Yet somehow, it's all legal. And it happens all the time. Frightening.


    Order filed for cost of seized dogs
    by Jule Hubbard

    Wilkes County government could soon be the owner of 127 pit bulls seized on Dec. 10 as evidence in a case involving dog fighting.

    Chief District Court Judge Mitchell McLean ruled in Wilkes District Court Thursday that the current owner of the dogs, Edward A. Faron of Mertie Road in the Millers Creek area, must pay for the first two months of their housing and other care.

    McLean issued the order in a hearing held in connection with Wilkes County Attorney Tony Triplett's "petition for bond" seeking the payment from Faron, 61, charged with felony dog fighting and baiting by the Wilkes Sheriff's Department.

    In accordance with state law for this type of proceeding, McLean ordered Faron to pay the money within five business days. It means Faron has until Thursday to pay $52,925, with the money going to Wilkes County government. This includes $36,797 for the first 30 days of care for the dogs, which ends Saturday, and $16,128 as the estimated cost for the next 30 days.

    Also in accordance with state law, McLean ordered that the dogs be forfeited to the County of Wilkes and that Faron give up ownership if the money isn’t paid in five business days.

    Attorney Brendan Edge, appointed by the courts to represent Faron, said Faron didn’t have the money to pay the $52,925. Faron was present but didn’t speak in court and Edge didn’t make statements for or against the action filed by Triplett.

    McLean also ordered that the county continue holding all of the dogs as evidence in the case.

    Wilkes Animal Control Director Junior Simmons, who attended the hearing, said earlier that the dogs were being kept as evidence at an undisclosed location until completion of court proceedings in the case. Simmons and other officials haven’t been willing to say where the dogs were being kept due to concerns about possible action by animal rights groups and other security issues.

    Faced with the likelihood of county government having to pay for upkeep of the dogs because of Edge’s statement about Faron’s inability to pay, said Triplett, county government officials are talking to the U.S. Humane Society about that nonprofit helping with the cost.

    “We are talking with the (U.S.) Humane Society about whether they potentially have funds available that could help offset all or a portion†of the costs of caring for the dogs.

    Assistant District Attorney Fred Bauer, prosecutor for the state in the case, said the district attorney’s office was considering county government’s financial burden in planning a trial date in the case. Bauer said authorities are still looking at the possibility of additional charges.

    Triplett said the petition was filed on behalf of the Wilkes Animal Control Department. He said that under state statutes, a judge can allow the filing of a new affidavit every 30 days assessing the costs of boarding the animal to a defendant.

    Under statutes, said Triplett, Faron could be required to pay the boarding costs even if he won the case.

    Simmons said that if the state won the case, the dogs would be euthanized, as called for under the county’s Animal Control Ordinance. He said this was based on the dogs being trained and used for fighting, which he said meant they were considered dangerous.

    Arrested at the same time as Faron on Dec. 10 on one felony count each of dog fighting and baiting were Don Juan Casanova, 18, and Amanda Grace Lunsford, 25.

    Attorneys were appointed for Faron, Casanova and Ms. Lunsford in Wilkes District Court on Friday. All three have been released from custody under secured bonds of $2,500 each. If convicted, they could be sentenced to between four and 10 months in prison.

    Law enforcement officials said the investigation led them to believe Faron was one of the nation’s largest breeders of pit bulls used for fighting, but that authorities have no evidence indicating organized dog fighting occurred on or near the Wildside Kennels property.

    Wilkes Sheriff Dane Mastin said the charges were filed under a section of a state dog fighting statute that makes it illegal to possess or provide dogs for dog fighting. “Baiting†refers to harassing a tethered animal.

    Mastin said the charges culminated a three-year investigation involving his department, the Wilkes Animal Control Department and the Humane Society of the United States.​

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  2. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    I just can't even put into words what I'm feeling right now.
  3. andy88

    andy88 Puppy

    wtf, why does he have to pay for the dogs?he had them took care of where he had them. they moved them they should pay for there upkeep.


    does anyone here think the man even spent $50000 to care for his dogs when they were in his care.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 13, 2009
  5. Loki

    Loki Big Dog

    This is just a crazy situation! It's not right.
  6. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog


    ► Please contact each of the following individuals and respectfully ask them to accept Best Friends' offer to arrange for behavior evaluations of the Ed Faron dogs, assistance with spay/neuter surgeries and placement of dogs that pass a stringent behavior evaluation.

    Wilkes County Board of Commissioners
    110 North Street
    Wilksboro, NC 28697
    Phone: 336-651-7346

    Wilkes County Attorney Tony Triplett
    Vannoy, Colvard, Triplett & Vannoy
    922 C Street
    P.O. Box 1388
    North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
    Phone: 336-667-7201
    Fax: 336-838-7250
    E-mail: ttriplett@vannoylaw.com

    District Attorney Tom Horner
    500 Courthouse Drive Suite 2022
    Wilkesboro, NC 28697
    Phone: 336-667-6361or 667-2994

    ► If you are a resident of Wilkes County, please attend the Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, January 20 at 6:30 p.m. Remind the commissioners that dogs have individual personalities and deserve the opportunity to live an enriching life with a warm and loving family.

    ► Join the Stop BSL community on the Best Friends Network for more information on how you can help dogs locally and nationally.

    Please Help us save them..
  7. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Phantom, anyone we can contact to ask them to give the man his dogs back intact?
  8. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog

    That's not going to happen. At this point I just want to save the lives of the dogs that are already breathing and deserve a chance to live. We can't get anywhere if we don't try.

    Some people had said that they wanted to help..well here are the sources to contact. If you wanted to offer to foster any dogs, Best Friends would interview you for that.

    I don't want to just complain about what is wrong with the system where pit bulldogs are concerned..I want to be a part of the solution.

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!
  9. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog

    If you are a resident of Wilkes County, please attend the Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, FEB. 3 at 5:00 p.m. Remind the commissioners that Wilkes County could make history as the County that made a difference and allowed dogs to live and be given a chance. Best Friends has offered to pay for everything...yet they have still not gotten a response from Wilkes County.
  10. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    No, it's more than a problem with the system. It's going against the Whole Constitution.

    So, what a rescue can take them in, make money off of them, and say, "Look we saved these dogs from an 'evil dog fighter'." I would hope someone would be fighting to get my dogs back in my possession. If we just lay down and let them take our dogs, or friend's dogs, etc, then they win.

    Yes, I would like to see these dogs live, but if Ed is found innocent, he should get his dogs back in the same condition they left, i.e. not neutered/spayed. It's not just complaining. It's the right thing. Why should this man lose his dogs and his work, if he is innocent?

    I don't think it's just complaining. I think it's something we should be fighting.

    I would be on board if the rescue keeps them (intact) until the trial, then once the verdict is found. If Ed is innocent, he gets all his dogs back. If Ed is guilty, then the rescue can spay/neuter them, and fight for their existence then.. That would be the correct way to do things. Don't you think?
  11. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    This what I have the problem with "rescues" be it bad rap, best friends, or any other rescue. They want to spay and neuter every animal that crosses their door. Which is fine... but in this case you have a man that is INNOCENT until proven guilty.... Yet they have taken his animals which were WELL cared for and they take them from him and then tell him that he is required to pay for the animals upwards of 50 thousand dollars... (which is the biggest bunch of horse shit..... it DOES NOT take 50 grand to care for those animals. Ed was doing it just fine and I doubt he was dumping 50 grand every few months into them) And the biggest bunch of shit is he has to pay the fine even if he was found innocent... how the fuck is that legal? Ummm.... we're going to take something that belongs to you because we think you are mistreating it.... we find out you're not mistreating it and you still have to pay us for keeping it. And you are ok with this?

    And now best friends swoops into to save the day and neuter/spay all of his animals..... well yippie fucking yeaa!.... They might as well put the dogs down if they are going to neuter and spay them. The man put his life into those dogs... and they turn around and want to mutilate them? And I am suppose to stand up and cheer for Best Friends because they want 15 minutes of fame to say hey look at us we saved these pit bulls from an evil dog fighter? Fuck them... Them and HSUS and JP Goodwin.... Who, I am sure, is creaming his shorts right now just thinking of the deaths of these animals.

    I'll stand up for the animals... I'd hold animals until the trial was over... but I can't sit here and approve of someone neutering/spaying all the animals.... there is NO reason to neuter or spay them at all.

  12. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I'd like to add that I'd love to foster one of those dogs till the trial is over, and that if I did foster one, it better come to me intact to foster. So, when the trial is over and Ed is found innocent, he can have it back.
  13. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog

    I have no power over any of the spay/neuter issues..and I have no power of influence over any of this. Right or wrong, I just don't want to see the dogs put down and am fighting to keep them alive along with a network of people who care enough about the dogs to do something for them. If they have to be neutered for that to happen..they will still get a second chance at a good life. I can't un-ring the bell that has already been struck...but I can try and save the dogs..to me, they are worth saving.

    Don't intend on arguing about this and saying the same things over and over...too time consuming and non-productive....just thought somebody might be interested in what we are doing and might want to help save some pit bull dog lives. I just know that I have to do this.

    I'm not thinking blood lines right now... life for the innocent is a much more pressing urgency for me....the innocent who have no voice to save themselves.
  14. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog

    Are you talking to me? Or just talking? If I had the power to do that, it would have already been done.

    Why not write to the people who do have the power to make decisions? Or just do nothing.
  15. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I guess we are seeing this differently.

    Whether the dogs are PTS or SN, the HSUS and John Goodwin still win. They have reached their goal of taking another breeder of true APBTs off the map, and another step closer to killing off the breed.

    I have been trying to find the correctly people to get in touch with, before Ed even lost his dogs, and they wouldn't let anyone foster the dogs. They said they had to keep their location private, since, they are evidence for court. So, they didn't even give those dogs a chance to go somewhere else where it wouldn't have costed Ed as much. They just wanted Ed to lose his dogs.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2009
  16. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    I have a very big problem with this first statement.... a second chance at a good life? They had a GREAT life on Ed's yard... the man's yard was immaculate I WISH my yard was as nice as his. They had a loving hand and a full feed bowl and didn't want for ANYTHING... so to sit here and say they have a second chance at a good life is to say they were in a bad position where they were.. and they WERE NOT!

    And your last comment.... I am not calling you an AR nut or a PETA supporter but man that sounds like something right out of their handbook.

    The HSUS and PETA and the rest of them don't care about the dogs or the bloodline... they want to make sure the BREED is gone and thats were the spaying/neutering comes into play. If they are euthanized then spay/neuter is effectively the same thing as their ability to pass on their great genes is now gone.

  17. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog

    I despise HSUS an Pita. And I didn't say anything about supporting those people..and never will. If you want to pick my statements apart and find fault...that's fine. I assure you that I am no bleeding heart AR nut...but I do care about the WELFARE of animals. Even if I despise a human being..I don't want to see any living thing suffer. Compassion is one of my few redeeming qualities, actually. Other than that, I am mean as hell.

    I was not suggesting that Ed Faron' dogs did not have a good life...wasn't even thinking that.... Just that I want to save the dogs from being killed. You might not be relieved that they would be allowed to live and end up in a pleasant and enjoyable life...but it seems to me that this is the only and "at least" thing that can be done for them now. The feds and Wilkes County are not going to give the dogs back to Ed...Period...so arguments on that are just a waste of breath and accomplishing nothing. I'm trying to play the hand that has been dealt to the best outcome for the dogs at THIS point in the game.

    Even if my dogs were unjustly taken away from me..yes, I would fight to get them back...I would fight with passion and tenacity. But if I could not get them back, I would still want them to live. Ed might feel the same way. I don't know. There are only two options left...life or death. I choose life..but only if it is a good life....and even a "good life" is a matter of definition.
  18. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I don't feel we have completely Lost the third option just yet. If I did feel the third option was lost, then yes, the second option, having them live would be better than having them put down, as long as it doesn't become "Saving them from their owner." The words should be "Saving them from the HSUS."

    But, what if we can keep these dogs alive, and fight for Ed to keep his dogs once found innocent? How is that option out the door? Have we even begun to really fight Wilkes County's decision to steal Ed's dogs? Can we organize and let them know our distaste for it? Will someone like Best Friend's help us get Ed's dogs back to him, instead of in their own hands? Would Best Friends be willing to help fight to give Ed his dogs back? If not, why not? Why can't we fight the injustice that is taking our dogs? Or do we all need to just lay down, give up, and say, "Well, let all the good dogs get spayed/neutered" or worse "PTS"?
  19. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog

    One of the major factors that is working against Ed getting his dogs back AND working towards the dogs being euthanized are the N.C. Laws on the books for animal ordinances. The laws need to be changed..and this case could be a good start to changing those laws. That is another one of the reasons that I posted the contact info for the people who have this case in their hands and are making all of the decisions right now.

    I am tired of "just" complaining about the powers that be... I'm in the phase of my life where I have freakin' had it and am going to fight!

    People with power are making decisions about pit bull dogs and they have no real facts..they are not uneducated..it's time to plant the seeds of education and water and feed the hell out of those seeds.

  20. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Yeah, NC can be the place to do it. We have plenty of APBT people in this state.

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