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Mini Daschshunds?


I might be getting a young female Mini. Not my choice of dog obviously, I'm scared the cat might step on her and break her back or something. Anyway. It's one of those situations where I feel obligated to help the owner, and she really is a very sweet dog.

I know we have some wiener people on here. Just, help me. lol!
I don't know nearly enough about these things and the only Doxie groups I can find are not active. This little dog has lived most of her life in a small room, not potty trained, not spayed, knows about zero commands, not a lot of human interaction and no social skills. And barks nonstop. Now, I have Jaeger the idiotic GSD who I'm sure is going to lose his shit over her. And Sparkles - the 13yo little mutt, who might even like having her here. Crate and rotate wouldn't be a problem, except I live with other people and the barking is intense. These little boogers have one heck of a voice.

I'm just looking for some general support and perhaps tips from those who own them about what to expect if this does happen. I really did not plan to get another dog until Jaeger died, much less a walking medical accident waiting to happen that might as well have lived wild and free all it's life.


Good Dog
Sounds like a headache lol. I like doxies, wouldn't mind owning one someday except for the yapping.

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I have two and love them like my children. They only bark when some ones knocking at our door, I heard them back and say NO, we don't open the door until they stop barking. Hopefully this will help a little.


I have a rescue mini and she's wonderful. Was afraid of men and now likes them. Wasn't housebroken but went outside when the other dogs do. Give them a treat every night after going out and she learned quickly. Doesn't bark unless someone comes to the door. She also keeps the pit bull off of her. Wonderful dog.


Cow Dog
No experience with minis but my friend has a regular dachshund. Actually a really nice little dog. He's got some serious prey drive and very little tolerance for other dogs acting like jackasses, but he's super sweet to people.

Lillie May

Good Dog
I found a forum that's active. I googled dachshund forum, and it was the very first one on the list. Someone on there posted about having a mini up for adoption.
Dachshund Forum : Dachshund Breed Dog Forums
Dachshund Forum : Dachshund Talk is the leading Dachshund breed dog forum site. Discuss your Dachshund, find a breeder, share Dachshund pictures, find ...
The link may not work, I never know. Lol, it's a 50-50 shot.


Geeze, Lillie, thank you. I don't know how I missed that.

This little girl is probably two years old, a long haired Black and Tan. Her own is a friend of mine who is dying, and she loves that dog dearly. The dog is with family now who cannot handle her.. or don't know how. I figure it's the least I can do for her, to know her little one will be taken care of or at the very least, found a great home.

Thank you guys!

Lillie May

Good Dog
Happy to do it Poisoned. I'm sorry about your friend, that's sad. You're a wonderful soul to help out like that and I hope it works out for you and the mini. Good luck.


I only have experience with the "full sized" versions - and only through friends and acquaintances dogs - but from what I have gathered - they can have attitude and be a little snappy. (Of course they are hounds, and people say that of the Bassets too. I had a Basset for 14 years. It was very true. I loved my girl more than anything but she was stubborn and had attitude and as we liked to say she "wouldn't take any shit". Of course all of that is also what we loved about her).

Anyway....according to the AKC - for what that's worth - the Dach's are not supposed to be great w/ kids, other dogs, training or alone time.

I am very sorry about your friend and it is very kind of you to give her the gift of knowing that her beloved dog will be well taken care of.

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