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Mini BT?


Good Dog
I was reading something today and a mini bull terrier was mentioned. Are there actually mimi BTs or is this something more like a fad that a BYB has created? I'm just curious. :)


Good Dog
Mini bull terriers are a recognized breed by the AKC. There used to be toy bull terriers as well, but as far as I know thy're extinct.
Mini BT

There are technically 3 sizes in the standard Bullys, then the Mini was classified as a seperate breed. It has all the looks of a Bull Terrier but is much smaller. I have had the pleasure to rescue a few in my day and they are fantasic animals (as long as you like energy), and they strangely enough had different genetic problems than the standards. They often can me mistaken for a very small standard. I know when they are 20-30 lbs I have a mini on my hands. I just took one in tonight that has demo... makes me lean to the standard breed because the minis do not usually suffer from demo, but you never know. One of my my next show dogs will be a mini, I am a member of the MBTCA and love the little guys and gals.


Hiya I own and show Mini Bulls in the UK - UK Mini Bull Terrier Club www.minibullterrierclub.co.uk

Here are my girlies

Tiffy age 6 she is affected with the known inherited problem with Mini's PLL, she is slowly going blind but it doesn't stop her doing anything mind.



And Phoebe my little show girl who was top puppy in breed last year.

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