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Mika in the Snow

Discussion in 'Today's APBT Pictures' started by MG9783, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. MG9783

    MG9783 Puppy

    hey Everyone,

    I'm a newbie on these forums so I figured I'd share some pictures of our random snow day in NC.

    The pitty's name is Mika. We rescued her from a local shelter. She had appeared to been thrown out after having babies. She was malnourished and possibly beat as well :(

    However she is now a happy sociable dog and has become quite the funny character. I couldn't be happier now a days and its all thanks to her.

    Anyway enough of me ranting and here's a few pictures. :)




  2. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    Beautiful dog. Looks like she enjoyed the snow
  3. Stonesthroen

    Stonesthroen Puppy

    Very nice. I took mine to Big Bear Mountain a few weeks ago and she had a blast too. Wish i would've had my camera with me so i could share some pics too =(
  4. MG9783

    MG9783 Puppy

    I would have thought she was cold but boy was I wrong. We were out there for hours and ended up with an obscene amount of pictures.

    Its funny see them try to eat the snow first and then decide to roll around in it. =]

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