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Mid Florida ADBA Point Show

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Rosie, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. apbtluver

    apbtluver Big Dog

    No you don't! Shhhh!

    And that pup in #9....OMG! What a cutie.... ;)
  2. lukew101

    lukew101 Little Dog

    Oh well, it looks like the edit option times out after awhile. Thanks for the captions.

    It was a fun show, I got to meet Myconan & Sipacola, and their dogs, and that was a pleasure.
  3. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    What ones do you want edit? I can do it for you. :)
  4. lukew101

    lukew101 Little Dog

    I was just going to paste in the captions that others had provided. Feel free to paste them in. Thanks.
  5. pmj

    pmj Puppy

    #29 is my girl she made Champion!!!
  6. We had a great time at the show.

    The boys and the pups were in the show ring for the first time and they all seemed to enjoyed it. They are ready for next season now!

    Mello, despite being sick all week and giving us a scare that we were not going to be able to show him after all of those long hard days, got 1st in the 18-24 males on Sunday.

    Congrats to everybody that placed or won in the fun classes!!!


  7. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Congrats to all that won! :)
  8. myconan

    myconan Puppy

    Luke, it was really nice to meet you and your wife! We hope you got the pictures of Knuckles. You took some great pictures of the show. #2 and #13 were my girl Snooty and her junior handler (who won the class BTW) and #19 is good too except for the big green blob holding the leash!! Kurley made Grand Champion lll at this show.... and Isley made Grand Champion l... Sipa cried!!!
    Thanks a million to the Mid Florida club! They did a wonderful job and put on one heck of a show!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and hope to see you next season at the shows!!
  9. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Congrats Sipa, Isley, MyConan, and Kurley!
  10. Pipbull

    Pipbull Big Dog

    I got some good pictures of the C of C class for the Sunday show, but I need to get them uploaded.

    It was nice to put some more faces to names. I had a great time.
  11. mikefromMD

    mikefromMD Big Dog

    I'll second that!!!!! I deeply admire both of those dogs!

    Congrats Big Show! Glad to see "Mello" recuperated well and that ya got a ribbon, he'll "CH" soon. Great pics of the pups and your sons, the next generation............

    How was that BBQ????? :rolleyes:
  12. Quillez

    Quillez Little Dog

    Florida club put on a hell of a show. Crystal P thanks a lot i owe you one my daughter wanted me to try and buy her off you but thanks a mill. Congrats to everyone who placed and didn't place everyone should feel proud and thankful to have been there. Thanks to the Mid Florida club for helping me out with my son in the ring and with my weight pull comp. Seriously from what i seen and experienced you have some classy members in your group. I have to say special congrats to the little girl with the striped socks HELL of a handler she gave me some pointers. HELL OF A SHOW MID FLORIDA I WILL SEE YALL NEXT EVENT
  13. Quillez,

    Congrats to you guys for winning two Best Puppy trophies, that's a beautiful little male. You all are doing a great job with the dogs. Hopefully Bud-Light turns out as good as the others for you.
  14. Rosie

    Rosie Little Dog

    To all those who came from near and far and showed their dogs...thank you! To all those who rubbed my back and said everything would be ok while I was having my Saturday afternoon meltdown....thank you! To all those who were flexible while we worked thru the raffle issue....thank you! To all the people who offered their help and stepped in to fill some of our needs.....thank you. To all the Mid Florida members who came on Friday and set up for the show, who worked all day Saturday without breaks, hung out for a few laughs Saturday night, got back up early Sunday morning did it all over again, and stayed thru the pouring rain to clean up the show site.....thank you!!!! We have a kick-ass group of people (members and non-members) very, very dear to our hearts.
  15. working class hero

    working class hero Little Dog


    Congrats, on the two best puppies you have a hell of a pup there. Also congrats on your first time on the weight pull track. From what you have emailed me your pup did good. Now, we got to hook up and do some weightpullin at the next show. I will let your boy pull Piggy or Blueberry a couple of times. (if he wants):SwinginStar:
  16. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    CONGRATS innocence taht 's awesome
  17. diva

    diva Good Dog

    Congratulations to all who placed!

    I edited the post to add the names given so far. :)
  18. innocence621

    innocence621 Little Dog

    (Still waiting on pictures lol)

    Quillez, I have a ribbon for you, I thought you were coming back Sun but I didn't see you. Your dog took first in 45-55lb males in WP Sat! He pulled 15.882x his body weight :)
  19. lukew101

    lukew101 Little Dog

    Thanks for the edit Diva.

    BLAIZEN Big Dog

    Congrats to Mid-Florida on a great show. I really wanted to be there. Looks like everybody had a good time. Congrats to those of you who placed your dogs and good job Mid Florida - you always put on a fantastic show. We'll see you next year.

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