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Michael Vick, accused of dog fighting. What do you think for course of action?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by PitRottMommy, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. mealony

    mealony Puppy

    michael vick is an idiot, too much money and no brains makes for ignorance.he just thought he was "above" the law. i hope he gets the max.and i hope he has to fight for his master in jail. and i hope he gets his ass kicked everyday.theres also a special place in hell for people who abuse animals, he's probably already got his reservations!:mad:
  2. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    Ok this is American right? What happened inncoent till proven guilty? You really think all the facts have been released to the media. What we try and convict in the court of public opinion. Now I do have my thoughts on what happened but I am not going to convict because everyone and they mama says he is guilty without seing all the facts. Leave this to the courts.
  3. Swan

    Swan Puppy

    Now this is something I have had time to keep up with.

    At this point after all I have read and seen and put two and two together,I think he is guilty and yes we do live in America and innocent until proven guilty is the key here.

    However, sometimes there are things that are shown that can lead one to reach the guilty conclusion before the jury gets to make that decision and it does not look good for Vick.

    I took the time and flipped the bill and called the NFL myself.

    It was funny because as soon as I said Vick I was connected to another line that was a recording Im sure the NFL has got a lot of calls about this.

    I basically said my peace and was nice but said that the NFL (anyone in the pr department or whatever) needs to google BSL, pit bulls, and so forth and also be a little careful about who they have playing their games I have two kids, well one on the way and my little girl.

    Its my job as a parent to teach my kids to like or buy into the right thing and teach them the wrongs of dog fighting, I told them that as well.

    What I dont like is Peta cashing in off of this as Ingrid the moron and her fancy albeit wording supports a ban.


    If people wrote them asking about it, they would send out this automated response leering more towards rulings like SB861. Not banning, pure double talk here.. ugh.

    Why didnt PETA go to Denver and support Linda Blair down there?

    I corresponded with Linda Blairs assistant briefly a long time ago.. and she verified to me that they were shooting dogs out side the city limits where was Peta for that?


    I just hope this all brings forth the serious issues of dog fighting and I just watched Off the Chain for the first time and ... after seeing the dog get electrocuted, I got tears in my eyes.

    It does not look good for Vick and the NFL needs to take a look at what kind of people it wants pay high salaries to if they want a big consumer support.

    Its coming out now that dog fighting is big with atheletes and that is scary....
  4. chinasmom

    chinasmom Little Dog

    DON'T YOU KNOW THAT IN THIS DAY AND TIME YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOUR INNOCESCE, NOT YOUR GUILT. IMO he has a long way to go to do that. That's like me saying "Yea I own this house, but I didn't know they were cooking meth in it." He does know and I'm glad Nike pulled back and I hpoe the NFL will do the same. He knew animals were being tortured. Let him be the example!!
  5. Cynthia

    Cynthia Good Dog

    I am saying let the courts handle this. It is not up to us to decide his fate. And this case has never been tried yet and look we are saying he should fry. That is too funny to me.

    Us "pit" owners are always crying when ppl judge us before they know. But look alot of you are doing the same thing to him. Ironic huh?

    I have my opinion too. I have less faith in our judcial system and cops for that matter due to the fact that a close friend recently has had trumped up charges brought on him for just transporting dogs from point A to point B.

    Wait for all the facts to come out. If they prove him guilty them he should be accountable.
  6. Sean W.

    Sean W. Puppy

    Vick isn't gonna get hit like you all want him to I can betcha. Can I put $50 on that? :lol:

    Dude, Vick being in the game is nothing new to people in the know around here. What you can prove is something altogether different though. People lie all the time. How about I; as a police officer come to your house and arrest you and tell you you're going to jail for the next 5 years if you don't give up something on your friend. You'd be snitching away! Confronted with fed time?! Oh, heck yeah! Every man for himself. Better have a good lawyer.

    And that is absolutely what Vick has. His lawyers are beasts. He's gonna get fined and all. May even get probation. He's still gonna be filthy rich when it's over whether he'd go to jail or not. Money makes a difference. As you can tell due to the other guy flipping on Vick. :lol: Vick came to the courthouse surrounded by U.S. marshalls for god's sake! The guys hasn't been convicted of anything. Until then...
  7. chloesredboy

    chloesredboy Banned

    this is in regards to the the other thread that was closed,to the op,The reason there is so much attention on this case is just due to the fact that he is a celebrity.Yes people do fight dogs eveyday and it doesnt get plastered all over national news,but those people arent famous.People also drive drunk,molest children and murder people everyday also,but it rarely gets the attention like these high profile celeb cases,Even if the charges were something entirely different ,something as stupid as the guy taking a piss in public it would still be National "news".
  8. I haven't seen the video, where can I find it?
    However I do know what I heard and that is so messed up, that a person can get a dog and or several dogs to love and then NOT even do so! Someone should put him in a ring and then bet on his life! I bet that he'd lose! put up to all the people and dogs that now HATE him! what a worthless breath of air!

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