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Merry Christmas Joe !!!

Discussion in 'Camera and Photography Tips' started by JoeBingo, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    What do I dislike most about the RX100? ... the pop-up flash. Yep, I don't like the pop-up flash. Well ... it's location on the top left side of the camera body. It's right where my left index finger naturally grips a small point-n-shoot camera. Not only that, the flash can't be manually deployed (which is also a good thing sometimes LOL).

    I've disabled Auto Flash and continued to use my natural grip while I become accustomed to learning how to hold a camera HA !!!
  2. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Typical point-n-shoot in Auto mode on this highly overcast day


  3. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Playing in the twilight this evening



  4. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    ENOUGH !!! ... with fat fingering the settings and a shutter-release-happy index finger !!!

    This evening I downloaded the 419-page full-color e-book by Gary L. Friedman, "The Complete Guide to Sony's CyberShot RX-100" ... "Professional Insights for the Experienced Photographer", from which I hope to glean a bit of useful information and in hopes of sorting this camera out. All 419 pages are specific to just this camera. Mr Friedman has published similar books specific to many other cameras. Currently I'm on page 23 and not lost ... yet LOL

  5. PocketPal

    PocketPal Big Dog

    LOL JB, you'll prolly get sick of me butting in on your learning exp, but here I go any ways. You should hold the camera like a pocket 9mm semiauto (i hate guns). Your left palm supporting the right the pinky side of you right hand that grips the camera. Now, with you left thumb and index finger confidently around the control ring around the lens. Both elbows tucked in..even when you're reaching out to get the shot..this will allow your entire body to be braced for stability...knees slightly bent and take and inhale before you start fiddling with the control..and squeeze down on shutter button.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 7, 2013

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