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meeting and greeting

my husband and i rescued a year old bull terrier pup who is the sweetest, most mellow BT we have ever seen. She is an absolute angel in the house, hasn't chewed anything, hasn't peed in the house, and listens...most of the time (being a BT can be hard sometimes). She is also a great walker until she sees another dog. She becomes overly excited and when we do greet a dog, she immediately goes to mouth and play bite the other dog. While she was being fostered she lived and played with three other bullies and a very rough playing basset hound, which we believe encouraged her play habits. We are trying to break her habit of rough play and teach her proper dog manners. suggestions? tips?
Thank you!


Good Dog
Bullies play rough, some dogs adjust play to others and some do not, it's not really something a human can teach. I have two who play very rough and they don't play with or meet strange dogs because there is no good reason to and most dogs do not appreciate or want to be bullied around. Honestly leashed meetings face to face like that are a bad idea all around, very rude and great way to start a fight. Don't let your dog greet others all revved up like that ever because you are essentially teaching her that is ok behavior and making it harder to break. You could look into maybe a reactive dog type class, teach her to ignore and be calm in the presence of other dogs. Or just teach her a solid watch me and train her to pay attention to you.
You absolutely CAN encourage good doggy manners-though difficult and sometimes not worth it, it is possible.
I would suggest working with your new bully first with a dog who is very tolorant of this type of play
as in, one who is not going to react negativly towards her.
keep a lead on her and everytime she begins this type of play you can give her a quick correction and let her know that is unacceptible.
you can also pull her away and wait for her to visibly relax before reintroducing her again, if she gets overly excited-remove her from the other dog and once again wait for her energy
levels to go back down.
if you can do this several times per week with freinds dogs you can bring into your home or back yard or a freinds backyard-
it will not be long before she begins understanding that she needs to tone down her behavior.
make sure when you takeh er away you give her a verbal correction like "AHAH!" or "RELAX"
as a cue, so alter on all you have to do is give her a verbal reminder to calm down.
This is how i taught my now 3 year old male to relax around other dogs-he came from a home of
8 other bull terriers who were rough and tumble.
so when he came to me he simply assumed ALL dogs were like that!
and it madeo ther dogs intimidated by this and i did not want him to get attacked by another dog for being too rough.
so i would keep his lead on or use my body to block him from going near theo ther dog.
it took a bit of practice but it has worked.
thank you for your helpful response! we just got back from a walk where our pup was able to play with another dog who allowed her to play and was very engaging as well! a success! she has already learned so much and i know with alot of patience and practice she will do just great :)