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Meet zeus, my 8 wk bully, double registered.. Abkc, adba

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by acr713, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. lanky? He's a PUPPY!!! puppies should not look like an adult bully that has a 23" head or what have you. That's whats in these days right? How big your dog's head is? not genetics or ancestors, just how big his head is. Anyways, I think he is adorable and he looks like he will fill out nicely. I will post some pictures of my girls on here later today so we can see puppies (that are "lanky" as some call it) that are suppose to be smaller than adults. Puppies will be small, duhh. My girls were 15 weeks yesterday.
  2. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    SO being FAT makes a dog Bully? This is the worst advice I've heard...
  3. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    Themightyzeus80 <- This advice is coming from a guy that took offense when people told him to be careful with his dog because it had a very stiff rear lololol
  4. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    Ignore this guy..

    Dont feed the dog more, your dog looks fine how he is.
  5. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

  6. they are cute but they are definatly a handful. specially now that they are getting big!
  7. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

    Oh I understand. I had 2 pups at the same time too. It's a lot of work but well worth it in my opinion
  8. definitely worth it! I love them both to death :)
  9. #1 stunner

    #1 stunner Good Dog

  10. acr713

    acr713 Puppy

    Thanks everyone, trust me I am in no rush to push his wieght up. He is a puppy and that's how I'm treating him.. He's very spoiled that's for sure. I measured him the other day, he's 4 months old now he had a 16 in head, he was 15 in tall and 17 in long, and he weighed 36 lbs at the vet on Monday. Only time will do him justice, plus if you look at his Pedigree, I'm not to worried.. :)
  11. acr713

    acr713 Puppy


    See what I mean...

    Attached Files:

  12. acr713

    acr713 Puppy

    New Photo

    Here's a recent pic of him..

    Attached Files:

  13. ATL King Titan

    ATL King Titan Little Dog

    Very nice looking dog! And trust me...I understand the spoiled comment...Titan is ridiculously spoiled! :lol:
  14. acr713

    acr713 Puppy


    A new photo...

    Attached Files:

  15. acr713

    acr713 Puppy

    Zeus' Father

    This is Zeus' father...

    Attached Files:

  16. He is soo gosh dern cute! I just love me some puppy pictures! :)
  17. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    He is SUPER cute!
  18. acr713

    acr713 Puppy

    Update Photo

    Here is an updated photo, I will post more.

    Attached Files:

  19. acr713

    acr713 Puppy

    Updated Photos

    Let me know what y'all think.. He will be 5 months old on Friday.. I will add a few more..

    Attached Files:

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