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Man charged with stabbing pit bull five times

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by firedrake13, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. firedrake13

    firedrake13 Good Dog

    A Rock Island man is facing a felony animal cruelty charge after being accused of stabbing a pit bull that came to a woman’s aid.

    Dmarlo Bryant, 19, of 1120 15th Ave., is charged in Rock Island County Circuit Court with aggravated cruelty to animals. If convicted, the Class 4 charge carries up to three years in prison.

    Bryant is accused of stabbing the dog in the head and neck five times, court records state. Rock Island Police Capt. Scott Harris said the dog was taken to the Bettendorf Veterinary Hospital and at last report had survived its injuries.

    Harris said the incident was reported at 11:47 p.m. Thursday. Bryant and the woman were arguing when he grabbed her and the dog got involved, Harris said. The woman also suffered a cut during the incident, Harris said.
    Bryant has been in and out of jail several times in recent months.

    In January he pleaded guilty to a felony burglary charge and received 36 months probation and was ordered to pay $8,330 in restitution. He had been in jail since November.

    Just two days after his release, Bryant was arrested again and charged with felony aggravated battery in an unrelated case.

    On March 6, he pleaded guilty and received 24 months probation. He was also ordered to pay $7,800 in restitution.

    No petition had been filed as of Monday to revoke his probation for the latest offense.

    A preliminary hearing is set for April 14. Bryant remained in custody at the Rock Island County Jail Monday on $20,000 bond.

  2. halokilla420

    halokilla420 Puppy

    Fck that dude. I live less then a mile from that town. If I see him imma beat the spit out him. He go to fckin jail.
  3. honeypitty

    honeypitty Good Dog

    well lets is he on pro. and he has all ths othee charges i say he will get 8 years or more

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