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"Mammut Bull Dog"


Good Dog
"Mammut Bull Dog"

Interesting looking dogs










Never seen a dog that looks like this before. Is there more than one person that has them? LOL

I think they are trying to revive their version of dogs that appear in illustrations from around the early 1800's in Europe rather than strictly continuing a line of "modern" dogs or dogs whose lineage can be directly and irrefutably traced to dogs in those illustrations.

To revive and achieve the "old school" look, I think they are crossing various breeds. Based on markings, colors and appearance, I wouldn't be surprised to find that even Rotti has been tossed in there at some point.


... I think their primary focus with these dogs is a "look" and most all else is secondary. That they may be good pets and companions is a given with most any dog. Oh and apparently they like long walks on the beach.


Little Dog
The random long hair creeps me out a little bit. I see rotti in there too.

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Big Dog
They're definitely unique looking....but what are they used for? Any sports? Or do they just "look cool?" I imagine that squashed muzzle doesn't lend itself to much work, although they do look athletic. They do look like Foo dogs, though!

Lee D

Good Dog
some of them look kinda small/medium sized to me, and my first thought was "cocker/bull breed mix"


Definitely a dog I'd likely think was a poorly bred mixed breed if I saw it on the street. Guess that's always a hazard with reverse engineering though.


Little Dog
Am I the only one that thinks these are some ugly dogs?
I've seen so ugly their cute and... this never hits the cute phase for me.