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Magic Mushroom Anyone?

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by pennyschoice, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. pennyschoice

    pennyschoice Puppy

    Hi all!

    We have a brand new product available called the Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom! It is truly unbelievable. We also did a blog post review in the product description area with some videos and other good information.


    If you have a dog that scarfs his food down in under a minute and have wanted a food dispenser that works, this is your best bet. We've tried 5 at least, and this has one has the most storage (we do 1 cup), a difficulty setting (only one that has that), is not too hard and not too easy, and not too expensive ($15 or $18).

    We hope you check it out (our link here)! It is definitely worth trying. For being a Pit Bull Chat Forum member and checking this thread out, enjoy 10% off! Use code Puppy!!

    Penny's Choice
  2. bsand

    bsand Good Dog

    Code doesn't work
  3. NobodyHere

    NobodyHere Guest

    So for being a PBC member, you'll give us a code to get this product for the same price (or more, you can get them on Amazon for 13 bucks) as every other store is selling them for without a code?
  4. pennyschoice

    pennyschoice Puppy

    You can compare us with Amazon if you want, but that's like comparing a small business to Walmart. Whatever is in your comfort as a shopper.

    As far as the code, it should work! Puppy- 10% off. I just tried it with success.

  5. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Actually no, Amazon and Walmart aren't in the same ballpark. Amazon is a marketplace for thousands of small businesses to sell their products in one place. Walmart is an all-in-one store.
  6. NobodyHere

    NobodyHere Guest


    Amazon.com : PetSafe Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom Meal Dispensing Dog Toy, Medium/Large : Pet Chew Toys : Pet Supplies
    Shop for Busy Buddy® Magic Mushroom™ by PetSafe - GRP-BB-MSH
    Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom Dog Toy, Medium/Large
    Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom Dog Toy - Medium/Large
    Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom

    No, I'm not comparing your small company to Walmart, I'm saying you either have crappy business sense, or you're pulling the "jack the price up then 'discount' the product down to normal price and act like you're doing everyone a big favor' BS because you think we're gullible.
  7. pennyschoice

    pennyschoice Puppy

    Just going by the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer. Not sure how the other companies are able to offer their prices so low. Either way, not trying to pull anything! $12 is insane, not sure how they are even making money!
  8. robertosilva

    robertosilva Little Dog

    Larger companies can buy in bulk like in the thousands and get a lower price per unit.
    The only way to compete is to offer a unique service others don't offer and work within a niche market.

    The pet industry is a massive billion dollar market and unless you are making your own unique products you will struggle.

    Postage cost and freight for larger companies will be heavily discounted by the sheer amounts they ship.

    Rebranding cheap products with your own brand can work in some markets but within the pet industry it takes a long time to build a brand and cheap Chinese made products commonly used in this way are a no no due to pet safety.

    The pet market is a very difficult one to break if you are just buying in relatively small amounts wholesale you will not be able to compete will others.

    There is also something called a loss leader where companies will actually make very little or even break even or make a loss just to get your business for other products in the future.
  9. robertosilva

    robertosilva Little Dog

    In short your competitors are buying in bulk in large amounts with a lower price per unit and also using heavily discounted postage due to shipping large amounts of products.
  10. robertosilva

    robertosilva Little Dog

    Small profits but high number of sales the same way all big companies and supermarkets work.
  11. pennyschoice

    pennyschoice Puppy

    Well I have to start somewhere. Idea is to get some business then renegotiate with vendors. And I've been working to find awesome products no one has, this one happens to be all over the internet. You can't find it in big stores, so people can undercut each other I suppose.

    I took some advice and tried to match at least a few of those other stores.
  12. NobodyHere

    NobodyHere Guest

    Unless you're a big name retail chain, that's probably not going to happen. If a product is actually awesome, odds are that many people are selling it. If they're not, it's likely either not as awesome as you thought, or there's an alternative out there that is just as good or better, and cheaper, and people know it. Unfortunately, in this day and age, nobody is saying, "oh, well I'm ok with paying a higher price as long as it supports small business." Maybe before gas prices rivaled hydrogenated wombat snot.

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