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MA state house considering statewide ban on pit bulls

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by Judy, May 3, 2007.

  1. Judy

    Judy Puppy

    Lawmakers Mull Pit Bull Ban

    Tougher Restrictions On Agenda At State House

    POSTED: 6:40 am EDT May 3, 2007
    UPDATED: 7:18 am EDT May 3, 2007
    BOSTON -- Is your safety at risk or are lawmakers barking up the wrong tree?

    A debate is set to begin on Beacon Hill Thursday over a series of new crackdowns on dogs and their owners.

    NewsCenter 5's Steve Lacy reported that proposals under consideration pit people who want new restrictions on certain types of dogs, such as pit bulls, against those who think irresponsible owners are the ones who need to be leashed.

    Supporters of a statewide ban on pit bull ownership have said a law is necessary to cut down on violent dog attacks.

    If the state were to pass such a ban, lawmakers would be following the lead of many Massachusetts cities and towns that have already passed bans limiting pit bull ownership. This week, Canton became the latest local community to push through tough new restrictions.

    Opponents of the ban argue that it is a handful of irresponsible owners who are the real problem. They said pit bulls actually make great pets.

    Legislators on the committee that will decide what -- if any -- new dog control laws may go into effect. They are said to be split on a statewide pit bull ban, but according to the Boston Herald they are considering a number of other new restrictions that appear to enjoy widespread support, including stricter license requirements for certain breeds, a requirement that owners of certain breeds undergo training, new fines for owners of noisy dogs and tightening up leash laws.

    The proposed requirements are scheduled for debate at the State House on May 14.

  2. Turner

    Turner Good Dog

    Wonderful :rolleyes: Another one to fight off!!!
  3. Judy

    Judy Puppy

    Please help us!


    Committee member E-mail quick list:
    James.Timilty@ state.ma. us,Patricia.Jehlen@ state.ma. us,Steven.Baddour@ state.ma. us,
    Jarrett.Barrios@ state.ma. us,Susan.Fargo@ state.ma. us,Richard.Tisei@ state.ma. us,
    Rep.VincentPedone@ hou.state. ma.us,Rep.MartinWalsh@ hou.state. ma.us,
    Rep.JamesMarzilli@ hou.state. ma.us,Rep.DouglasPetersen @hou.state. ma.us,
    Rep.MatthewPatrick@ hou.state. ma.us,repmattp@cape. com,Rep.StephenCanessa@ Hou.State. MA.US,
    Rep.DenisGuyer@ Hou.State. MA.US,Rep.ToddSmola@ Hou.State. MA.US

    Here's the committee page from ma.gov:

    http://www.mass. gov/legis/ comm/j10. htm


    By Jim O'Sullivan

    STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, MAY 1, 2007..Beacon Hill lawmakers are exploring
    whether to ban lethal dogs and planning to hear testimony later this month on prohibitions based on breeds and training techniques.

    Worried by recurring stories of dogs' violent attacks on children, legislators say they are considering different versions of a ban, which opponents insist lands on the wrong wide of the "nature versus nurture" debate, and violates owners' rights.

    A committee bill could emerge from a May 14 hearing where the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government will hear testimony on related bills, and question advocates about banning pit bulls and other breeds, and dogs schooled to fight, said House chair Rep. Vincent

    Pedone (D-Worcester) and House vice-chair Rep. Martin Walsh (D-Dorchester) .
    "We see, firsthand, problems that exist with dogs that were bred to fight, bred as nothing more than weapons, and he and I are both interested in hearing testimony on the matter," Pedone told the News Service Tuesday.

    Opponents of banning certain breeds, including animal rights activists and
    veterinarians, argue that owners should be held to tougher standards and
    that restricting specific canines is counterproductive and violates ownership rights.

    "It doesn't really work," said Scott Giacoppo, spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Properly raised pit bulls can be "wonderful companion animals," he said.

    Regulations on how owners train their dogs, or placing an outright ban on certain breeds, could prove difficult to enforce, Pedone admitted. And, he said, the Senate side of the committee would likely have problems with the legislation.

    Sen. James Timily, Senate chair of the municipalities panel, said any breed-specific bans were "not good public policy" that would result in "a pretty wild hearing."

    Pedone said lawmakers have been frustrated by perennial stories of toddlers being mauled by out-of-control dogs. A strict in-town crackdown on pit bulls won approval at Canton town meeting Monday night. A bill (H 1993) filed by Rep. Robert Spellane (D-Worcester) allowing municipalities to impound dogs deemed dangerous during owners' appeals could be strengthened to include the ban, Pedone said.

    "We very well could, if testimony goes a certain way, amend his bill to include a ban on certain dogs," he said.

    Opponents of the bill said lawmakers should emphasize more responsible ownership over targeting specific types of dogs. Timilty said, "It's good that we're starting it now in that there hasn't been a tragedy, so we're not being reactive."

    Giacoppo said the state needs to conduct a more comprehensive review of animal control laws, and should pursue legislation (S 512) proposed by Sen. Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville) . "Basically, these laws haven't been rewritten for years and years and years, and it updates those laws," he said of Jehlen's measure.

    Walsh said the problem of violent dogs particularly plagues urban centers like the ones he and Pedone represent: "You see young kids walking around with dogs they can't handle . I don't see where a 15-year-old kid who barely can take care of himself and is out there owning a pit bull - I don't know how we can impose training there."

    -crossposted from bsl updates
  4. Turner

    Turner Good Dog

    Yeah Ill send some stuff and tell my buds to do the same. I dont get how some people can look at a dog who is DA and say that he will turn and kill a human?!?!!?
  5. Suki

    Suki Little Dog

    Please, also, click onto that Survey and vote in the poll.
    Do You think Pit Bulls Should Be Banned In Massachusetts?Choice Votes Percentage of 3750 Votes Yes 1491[​IMG] 40% No 2186[​IMG] 58% Not Sure 73[​IMG]2% close window
  6. SisMorphine

    SisMorphine Little Dog

    Is anyone going to the meeting on the 14th at the State House?
  7. Suki

    Suki Little Dog

    i have a surgery scheduled that i've rescheduled 2X already, but hey, 3's a charm=gunna try to reschedule again so i can go. if so, want me to call yah and we can go together?
    the radiator's new, and we won't breakdown on the highway, again, (hopefully!!!!:o )
    lemme know, ....
  8. Turner

    Turner Good Dog

    Wish I could go and help ya guys out :( Im over on the west coast Lolol Good Luck though!!!!
  9. Suki

    Suki Little Dog

    Hearing is at 1:00 Monday, May14, 2,007 at the State House in Boston, Ma.
  10. SisMorphine

    SisMorphine Little Dog

    Ugh it's at 1?! I definitely can't get out of work early enough to go. That blows.
  11. Judy

    Judy Puppy

    I may have to go represent.
  12. Cheeky

    Cheeky Puppy

    I am crossposting some info that was posted on Pitbulltalk.com. I know some of our members are going to the meeting. Best of luck guys!

  13. Cheeky

    Cheeky Puppy

    This is the bill we would like to see passed instead, it is a Dangerous Dog bill & not breed specific

  14. Suki

    Suki Little Dog

    nice post, Cheeky. Thanks! :)
  15. Suki

    Suki Little Dog

    curious tho, as to why this statement:

    "we do not want to push the NO BSL issue",....

    isn't this the reason why we're even fighting this fight, so NO breed specific legislation DOES get passed?
    not sure i understand this?....
  16. Cheeky

    Cheeky Puppy


    I *think what she is saying is they want to show support for a bill that has already been written & put the focus on that bill rather than have the focus on BSL. Something is going to have to change & I guess they want to say "look, we already have something in the works. let's look at it instead." I will ask for clarification. ;)
  17. Suki

    Suki Little Dog

    It IS more cost effective to work with already existing laws and just "tweek" them abit, as the burden of proof will ultimately fall onto L.E. officials and AC officers, and even shelter attendants, as to what specifically is and is not a 'pit bull" and i imagine they all have enough on their plates already, without this added "task"....
    hmmm, we'll all see, i guess, ....
    fingers crossed for a good outcome.
    tx, again.
  18. Judy

    Judy Puppy

    Thanks for the info! Does anyone know if Mass APBT club will be sending a rep?
  19. shadyridgekennel

    shadyridgekennel Little Dog

    there really is kind of no more mass club :confused: seems to have fallen apart.its just me and suki really lol
  20. PittyChick

    PittyChick Puppy

    Well, I'll be sure to get there somehow. I'll have to get a babysitter. I hope to see you all there!! I'm glad to hear of a bill being proposed that is actually going to be effective (hopefully).

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