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Loose stools - 9 mo old American Bully

My 9 month old American Bully Sophie has had loose stools (sometimes totally liquid) for over a month. She has completely normal energy, appetite, is putting on constant weight and the vet found nothing concerning in multiple stools samples. She was on Nutrisource chicken and rice formula and was switched to salmon and potato 4 Health, as the vet thought it could be a chicken allergy. She's been on this food for about a month with no improvement. She is also on her 2nd round of Proviable probiotic. I need to add, that she only takes 1 to 2 poops a day, so not constant diahreaa. I plan on checking in with the vet tomorrow, but thought I'd reach out. Any info/tips would be much appreciated.


Big Dog
Premium Member
Our boy had this issue for many months as a pup, despite the vet never finding anything wrong. We tried many foods, and the pattern turned out to be that he's allergic to peas, which are in many foods. Not saying Sophie is allergic to peas also, but look over the foods she's had, and see if there are any common ingredients, and then try to find foods without those ingredients. Dogs can be allergic to things that vets won't think of, so it might not be as simple as chicken or a common allergen.