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Looking for my first Bull Terrier in SOCAL

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by gotfish?, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. gotfish?

    gotfish? Puppy

    Hello Folks,
    i came across this site when i was googling "whitening shampoo for white coated dogs" and was surprised on how active this forum is. i've been searching for my first Bull Terrier around Los Angeles for a while and man has it been hard! so i decided to join this forum to even out my chances and hoping to get some great tips and thoughts from you guys, among other stuff. so with that being said. do you guys know where i can find a Miniature OR short/stocky Bull Terrier pup/young adult around the Los Angeles area??

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    Preferably with nice big round/dome heads. cause from what little reading I've done from this forum.. some people like their heads to be slimmer and straighter??
  2. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    Really? Searching that long and no BT, sounds like you might not be looking hard enough! Have you contacted BT rescues? I am sure there are some dogs that could be rehomed, and I highly doubt there are none. I also am betting you can find the type your looking for in all those BT rescues and such that you havnt looked at yet.
    I know there are a lot of BT people on here that can give you numerous rescues to look into.

    Its like the way some people like pie over cake, both are desserts but some people prefer a cake over a pie. Trust me, there are many BT owners and breeders on here that like your style of head ;) so dont fret about that!

    Good luck and welcome to PBC!
  3. gotfish?

    gotfish? Puppy

    Hi Pookie!
    Thanks for the welcome!
    iv'e looked at pounds and shelters with no luck so far. im trying to stay away from rescue groups since i had some really REALLY bad experiences with a few "nut-case-fanatics" but i dont really want to get into that ;) iv'e searched on craigslist and some other online classified sites with caution in my heart(my gut feeling say those people are running a puppy mill). iv'e emailed a bunch of people from my local MBT club and a couple replied with no current litter available, so...anything else i haven't looked into?? :)
    Thanks a bunch,
  4. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    I would look and see about the other rescue groups, not ALL are like that and you can get quality animals from them, you just have to know what you want, and what your desire is and not settle, also weed out the nut cases and defective dogs. There are plenty of awesome ones out there.
    BUT if your looking for a breeder to get what you want, you need to be super hyper vigilant and find a person who produces quality animals, as well as someone who is well versed in the breed, not a peddler, and someone who probably health tests, although I am not sure how common that is with BT breeders.
    More people who know better about BTs will be on later and they can answer that, I would suggest reading the stickies in the breeding section about how to spot and unethical breeder and a byb, if thats the rout your looking to go to acquire a dog..

    If you can find a legitimate breeder who has puppies right now, but you really like their dogs and what they do with them, be it conformation or sport, then I would be patient, email and tell them your interested and get on the list for their next breeding.
    I am in the market for an APBT but wont settle for just any pup that comes up, I plan on waiting over a year or more to get a dog that fits my standard and that I like what the line is, as well as what the dogs have accomplished. I think if your serious about getting a quality dog, dont rush and be ready to wait to get that perfect one :)
  5. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    Have you tried petfinder?
  6. aprotopo

    aprotopo Big Dog

    Petfinder won't let you search for bull terriers (american pit bull terriers come up).

    I know you said no rescues, but it should be worth going out and meeting some and seeing if they are the crazy bunch.

    2-3yr old male

    10 month old male

    2yr female

    1yr male

    8 month old female

    2yr old female

    special needs 6 month old puppy

    Not sure if these are still available

    2yr old male

    All of these are from Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc. Available Dogs

    Here are some more dogs: New Page 1

    Contact them to her about their dogs: Available Rescue Dogs

    I would also recommend following their site and asking if there are any puppies available: Incompatible Browser | Facebook

    Good luck!

    BULLTLOTT Little Dog

    Suz from Bull Terrier Rescue is great!

    They've had some really good looking bullies adopted out! The second one pictured was one of my favorites.

    Have you tried the breeder directory on btca.com?

    Here ya go!
    Bull Terrier Club of America

    Quite a bit of CA listed.

    Here's for minis-

    Good luck! :)
  8. Mardi

    Mardi Puppy

    Ditto to Bulltlott's post: Suz is wonderful. and Contact the Cal breeders on both the BTCA.com and Minibull.org lists to ask when they'll have litters, and if you're concerned about typiness, you can always inquire as to the pedigree and pix of the sire and dam etc. And probably go meet at least one of them. But please, buy from one of the club breeders. They are required to uphold a set of ethics and breeding standards that your ordinary AKC breeder isn't and their puppy prices are often cheaper than the internet advertised breeders.
  9. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    Are you willing to ship? Ann radford (huge in the bt world) just had a litter last night although I'm sure they are all spoken for it's worth a try of someone backed out. There's also another girl who lives near me that is close with Ann who is heavy into the bt rescue world.
    I've found the best way to find rescue dogs and dogs needing homes/breeders is to add a bunch of people on your fb who are involved with the breed.
    When my parents were first looking for a bt they got one from Ann and the dog was amazing nice thick head even her jowls were thick to touch.
    My parents gave the dog back because they were and still aren't the right owners for a bt but they of course went to search for another bt, it was pretty slim pickings.
    Now after having so many bt people on fb I see so many in need of homes.
    Actually if you look up rocky ridge refugee or rescue she usually has a fee bt's and she has a litter of bt mix pupa right now that she rescued. She's also on fb and in the states.

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