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Looking for good chew toy recomendations

Hi, I've recently acquired a mixed breed from a pit bull rescue, which based on appearances and behavior, I can only assume is probably a Staffordshire Terrier/Lab mix. He is 2 years old, and despite how small he looks in my avatar, is every bit of 75 lbs., and incredibly strong. He is very well behaved and obedient, for the most part, but I can tell that he still needs a little more to occupy his mind. I take him on brisk walks at least twice a day, up to a mile at a time mostly, after which he usually seems pretty tuckered out, but he still needs daily play time or he'll get bored, and sometimes still does regardless of that. He loves to play tug, but we have already gone through two rope toys in the month or so that we've had him because he shreds them to pieces if left to his own devices.

When we received him, he had a stuffed bunny dog toy with a squeaker, but soon shredded it, and we had to take it away because he started eating the stuffing. I went out and bought a stuffed dog toy that was supposed to be able to stand up to tougher dogs, but it didn't. Took him less than 10 minutes to rip the seam out and start devouring the stuffing again. We then ordered a GoDog Dragon, which was highly recommended from other owners of aggressive chewers, but as before, it only took him 10 minutes to get it opened and was voraciously going after the stuffing again. We stepped up our game and bought two of the most solid and substantial toys we could find, an Outward Hound Fire Biterz Lizard and a Tuffy brand penguin. The Fire Biterz lizard didn't stand a chance, as it only took my boy 5 min to get to the squeaker inside. He apparently has figured out how to use his rear molars to function as scissors, as it looks like someone took a pair of kitchen shears to the thing; SMH. The Tuffy penguin fared a little better. It took him 20 min to tear into on of the feet, so we had to cut them off completely, and that seemed to work for a couple days. He would toss it and thrash it around wildly, but it ultimately met it's fate like the rest. I bought him a large black Kong toy, which he could care less about, and a large rubber studded bone toy which he will hold in his mouth for a second and promptly put it down. He's gone through two large Kong tennis balls, which are both now split in half, and one other ball which is made of a material that I can only describe as a very dense high bounce ball type of material, which now has small chunks missing from it.

I've tried giving him bones to chew on, but he doesn't chew them, he just crushes and then devours them. Same with any other chew treat we've given him. Bully sticks, bully twists, tendons, etc. are all just light snacks to him apparently, and I'm not about to give him rawhide. I've learned from that mistake many years ago. I gave him a buffalo horn once, thinking it would surely stand up to his bite, but I was wrong of course, and I had to take it away as it started splintering. He came to us with a Nylabone, but he's not interested in it in the least bit.
I've seen plenty of recommendations for antlers, but they are very expensive where I'm from, and he doesn't really seem interested in chewing on anything he can't destroy. I have considered getting him something from Goughnut, but I'd hate to spend that much money on something he won't even touch. He seems to get the most enjoyment from ropes and stuffed animals, but he can't be left alone with them, and this habit of trying to find the perfect toys for him is getting very expensive.

Ideas? Anything I haven't though of yet? Any good recommendations would be most appreciated. Thanks!