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Look What the AADR Has Planned For You!

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Shows & Events' started by Vicki, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    With the constant changing of times, trends, people and cultures one thing has always stayed the same;

    The Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

    Historically bred for Blood Sport Fighting, these magnificent animals exhibited Loyalty and Devotion like no other, but in the last several decades more and more laws have been made against us and as it is today our dogs are steadily becoming a shell of what a true American Pit Bull Terrier used to be. With the diverse group of individuals who now own our beloved breed it has become clear that the American Pit Bull Terrier is more versatile than we ever thought possible.

    With BSL breathing down our necks we must prove time and time again that our breed of choice DESERVES a place here on Earth beside Man. As we continue to stay true to our original AADR standards as the All American Dog Registry we have also adopted this as a new policy:

    “We Support the American Pit Bull Terrier as the WHOLE Package.â€

    We would like to welcome ALL American Pit Bull Terrier Owners, Lovers, Breeders, Fanciers, and Handlers to join us as AADR Dog Family. For the last month the All American Dog Registry and the NEW AADR Directors have been behind the scenes quietly organizing something we think everyone can enjoy. Many people have asked us for more outlets for their APBTs and we feel it’s finally time these dogs have a Competition in a ‘League All Their Own!

    With the recent buzz on social media about us we have decided to push our unveiling date of this information up and give you guys the scoop today! While we weren't busy bashing other registries we were busy doing a lot of planning!!!

    We would like invite you ALL to allow your dog to exhibit his or her natural strength and over all athletic abilities! We are so very proud to be able to announce:

    The 1st Annual All American Dog Show Olympics
    (COMING SPRING of 2014)

    Hosted by the All American Dog Registry


    **To protect the future Health, Growth, and Development of Puppies all Dogs must be 9 months of age or older on the date of this Event to be eligible for Competition.

    **All Dogs must be free from injury prior be being entered into any Event. If ANY Dog is suspected to have an injury, the Dog will not be able to compete the day of Competition. Safety for all Dogs as well as Handlers is our number ONE priority.

    **The All American Dog Registry will not be held liable for any injuries occurring to any Dogs during any of these Events. The Owner or Handler entering the Dog will be required to sign a waiver for EACH of the events mentioned below on the date of the competition.

    At this time ALL NEW Events listed below are open to ANY American Pit Bull Terrier regardless of sex, color, or current organization of registration.

    (This excludes conformation, weight pull, and Treadmill Racing as these are already Sanctioned AADR Events)

    Wait, we’re not done quite yet… Keep reading, it gets better we promise!!!

    Next Spring, at the 1st Annual A.A.D.S.O. we have decided to award ONE DOG the Title of:

    The All American Complete Athlete of 2014 (AACA2014)

    To be eligible for this Title your dog must be entered in at least 75% of the Events at the 1st Annual A.A.D.S.O. This Title will be given to only one Dog each year.

    After the 1st Annual A.A.D.S.O. we will be Sanctioning ALL NEW EVENTS within the All American Dog Registry. This means any AADR Club will then be eligible to hold up to 5 AADR Sanctioned Events (of the club’s choosing) during an AADR Show Weekend.
    *It will be mandatory for at least ONE of the events to be an
    AADR Sanctioned Conformation Show.

    All AADR registered dogs will be able to start working on New Titles in each of the Event Categories listed below (but not limited to):

    ~Weight Pull
    ~Treadmill Race
    ~Obedience Trials
    ~Long Sprint
    ~Long Jump
    ~Lure Course
    ~Hang Time
    ~Wall Climb
    ~Single A-frame Sprint
    ~Five Course Agility

    An Outline and a set of AADR Sanctioned Rules for the Event Categories listed above will be released once the fine tuning is complete. Be patient, we are almost there!

    The All American Dog Registry looks forward to the future for positive promotion of the American Pit Bull Terrier in all its Glory.

    We hope this is the change that will earn our beloved breed a new place in history as the most diverse breed of dog in the world.

    Again The AADR would like to THANK YOU ALL for Your Continued Support!

    If you have any questions or would like to lend a hand please feel free to contact us!

    This is something I as a new partner of the AADR have come up with.



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