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Little Mishca

Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by SCB2014, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. SCB2014

    SCB2014 Little Dog

    Monday evening, as I got home from work, my tiny little girl was killed in a horrible accident. It really was an accident no one would have thought would of happened. My boyfriend went to move his car, as he knew I was getting home from work, and little one, whom he thought was around in the back of the yard, got into the front yard and ran under the car. Death would have been basically instant as she was so tiny. missing her terribly this week, go to give the other 3 dogs their food and still put a dish out for her.

    Guys I know it could have been avoided etc. But I came here for some support during this time, please try and understand, as I have seen some comments which can be quite hurtful.

    To my tiny little stinky puppy breathed Mishca, I miss you silly little Meeshy dog.
  2. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    I'm very sorry for your loss, and it doesn't matter how it happened. It's an unfortunate accident that your boyfriend probably feels horrible about. Run free little Mishca.
  3. SCB2014

    SCB2014 Little Dog

    My boyfriend couldn't even bear to come and see me for a few days, if he saw me, he would just want to cry. he is heartbroken and feels so guilty. He cant even see a pic of her. Im missing my silly girl so much. I know she is running free and I am just grateful that she did not suffer after the accident, it was over so quick. She is over rainbow bridge playing with all my other old kitties and pets that have crossed over, so I know they are looking out for her! She would have only been 8 weeks old this week. Thank you Lillie for your msg.
  4. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    I feel so bad for both of you. You for your loss and him because he's a dog lover as well. How horrible for the two of you, a loss is a loss. I would ask him to come over and cry it out with you, he's going to feel bad about it for a very long time. It's funny how attached you get to them in such a short time, isn't it? I hope your pain doesn't linger to long. You might want to put up a memorial of her on that forum too. I also wish these mere words would take the pain away, I'm so sorry.
  5. SCB2014

    SCB2014 Little Dog

    Thanks Lillie,
  6. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    You're welcome.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how you feel but just remeber your baby is at rainbow bridge abs soon and will send you a message to adopt another baby to save and give love to. I want to say everything will be ok but I know your heart will always miss her. Nothing can replace that feeling.
  8. SCB2014

    SCB2014 Little Dog

    Been a week today without my little girly....

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