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{{listen}} live tonite at 9pm est. The mick & bing show is back {{listen}}

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by ILL LINE INC, Nov 24, 2010.


    ILL LINE INC Banned

    {{listen}} live tonite at 9pm est. The mick & bing show is back {{listen}}

    Tonight at 9 pm your favorite Jamaican,Cuban, & Irishman is back on

    The Bully Basement
    ILL Line Audio LIVE tonight at 9pm eastern THE ILLEST & REALEST Bully Talk radio show is Back they will start talking about any and everything not just Bully Pitbull talk Everything from sports to politics etc nothing is out of bounds with these guys tonights guest is a 12 year old Wizkid bully handler named Lil Mikey of Scrap Iron kennels who's been doing his thing in the show ring for sometime now, the guys will also talk about the meaning of FREINDS on this week of being Thankful on THANKSGIVING, they will also touch on the epidemic of BULLYING in the community the world ingeneral schools etc and as usual they accept all call ins as possible and will be allowing ppl tonight to call in and give shout outs for what they are thankful for as well as input engeneral the show is for the people and by the people we want to hear from you. These guys if you don't know always wing it no scripted questions etc.

    You can listen live from your computer at www.blogtalkradio.com/illlineaudio episode # 16 OR CLICK THIS DIRECT LINK BELOW


    on the profile page or if you're not near a pc you can listen live thru your phone by calling the call in number as well the call in number is (347) 324-5472 9pm est, 8pm tx & midwest time, 6pm cali time WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Tune in tonight
  2. 6pack1%er

    6pack1%er Good Dog

    Thats funny, they interview a kid from a kennel thats known to push pups off of dogs that have never owned,selling dogs of hung papers,pretty sad

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