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Letting your dog sleep with you?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by xSupra, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Jazzy

    Jazzy GRCH Dog

    I have to say. I do get that.

    I couldn't sleep with a dirty dog! Veronica has allergies so she has to have a special weekly bath...which works out well for me because I can bathe her weekly knowing I'm doing the right thing. Plus she is constantly getting her feet cleaned if she goes outside, she gets her bum wiped with a baby wipe after every poop, her teeth brushed before bed...so all in all...she is pretty clean. :lol:

    but I think if I lived in NYC...I'd make her wear all weather booties year round. :p
  2. When I was single my dogs slept in my bed, but now that I'm married there's simply not enough room on our queen bed for us and all of the dogs. I usually go to bed first and the dogs watch TV with me for a little bit, but they know when the lights go off they get down. If one of us is home alone, we'll let them sleep in the bed. We have a gigantic dog bed in our bedroom that 3 of the dogs sleep on and then the other 2 sleep in other rooms with couches. When we tell them to get off the bed or couch, they do it immediately so I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I do hate the dirt, but I have a blanket I put over the bed when they're on there and couch covers I can wash. There is certain furniture they are not allowed on.
  3. Jodie

    Jodie Puppy

    I've all ways loved my pits sleeping with me
  4. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

    lol this is funny my girl sleeps with me like the top picture
  5. Jade is well kept and very clean so she ALWAYS sleeps in the bed with me and near the left side between me and the door..it would break her heart if I didn't let her sleep in the bed..however she does do something that is a little annoying at first and that is-when she first settles down she has to have her head at the wrong end and her butt up toward my left side& near my arm and shoulder which of course I will say "Nope-jade turn your little booty around sweetie"and then she will keep scooting&turning until finally she has her head facing me and her butt the other way LOL! I have no idea why she does that :confused:..maybe to mess with me because she knows I don't like it.. But she is a sweetheart and goes to sleep quite quickly and actually does not move much at all-she will find her right spot and will still be in that spot when it's time to get up believe it or not-only instead of curled up she will usually be all stretched out and on her side by morning...
    At bedtime if I don't want her up there all I have to do is say "No" and she'll hop down and will lay on her mat until I say "ok"...she never jumps in bed before me and will always sit and wait until I'm settled before she hops up there...So I have no problem with her sleeping in my bed and I think people should do what they want and not worry about what they read...if you like your pet sleeping with you then by all means let them because their lives are far too short compared to our's and for how long we WISH they could stay here with us.. You only have them for a little while you know-10 to 15 yrs go by mighty fast and you should cherish each and every moment you have them especially if they are your children like she is for me since I don't have kids which I guess it wasn't mean't to be since I'm divorced now so she is my child...
  6. Nyli

    Nyli Little Dog

    Romeo's only allowed to sleep with me after he's been cleaned off. He needs to be brushed, checked for ticks, his paws need to be washed and his butt needs to be wiped. I sleep in a twin but he's only 50 pounds (according to the vet) and he doesn't move a lot so it's not a problem. When I was young our dogs were NEVER allowed on furniture. Most of our dogs were outside dogs so they were usually dirty lol
  7. jackielynn91

    jackielynn91 Little Dog

    my dogs have always slept with me...capone would be hearbroken if i booted him..even though he is a bed hog :D he is cuddly though so i guess its okay..for now lol
  8. Duchess

    Duchess Little Dog

    Duchess sleeps with me. If I tell her to get down, she'll get in her bed beside mine. She usually sleeps stretched out right up against me, but lately I've been waking up and she's above my head on top of the pillow, leaving me with barely any pillow left. lol. She's a snuggler too.
  9. Roberta Ventura

    Roberta Ventura Little Dog

    All 3 of mine sleep in bed with me, and they are ALL HOGS we have a cal king and I still don't have enough room, every night my husband tells me he dosn't want the dogs in the bed (he is semi joking) but I tell him if you sleep with me you sleep with my pit bulls if not the couch is available...:p I love them all snuggling up to me wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. ReneeMcDougal

    ReneeMcDougal Good Dog

    I let them on some nights....others they get crated. :) It depends on the night now that Slayer is trained :)
  11. Flatbedder

    Flatbedder Good Dog

    Try ring in a truck bunk with a big dog on the bed with you lol
  12. MissSuki

    MissSuki Puppy

    Suki has never slept in my bed but last night she woke up through the night so I let her outside and thought I'd try her in my bed, big mistake. She thought it was a game and kept licking my face and hands, we lasted 15 mins and she went back in her crate downstairs, plus I was worried that she'd do something on the blankets with her still being a 'baby'. Maybe we'll try again when she's a bit older.
  13. My pit is Sasha

    My pit is Sasha Good Dog

    It seems this is one of those recurring questions. It depends on the dog really, if it were a farm dog that was running through manure, pig slop, and whatever else a dog can get into on a farm then I would say no. There is a reason many of those old farmers didn't allow their dogs into the house or if they did only as far as a mudroom where any mess wouldn't matter.

    These days most dogs are pampered and quite often their owners have forgotten that they are in fact dogs. Much of their time is spent indoors as it is, and being on the bed is not such a big deal.

    Sasha sleeps on the bed, she has since she was a pup, eventually she made her way under the blankets too. But as was said earlier she knows whose bed it is. If I say down she hits the floor, no fuss. She gets up there on her own and I don't care, she gets up there when I tell her to also so I can get her out of the way for cleaning. When I'm at work she usually camps out on the bed and curls up by my pillow since it smells like me I suppose.

    In the end though, your dog, your house, your bed, your rules. If your dog behaves well and you are satisfied with his/her manners, temperament, and obedience then who gives a damn what some trainer or proclaimed "expert" says about it. They aren't buying the food, paying the vet bills, or cleaning up the poop which in my book earns them exactly zero say in what my dogs do or don't do.
  14. Tahlz

    Tahlz Good Dog

    ^ I like your post.

    I have no problem with a dog sleeping outside, if they choose to. I had a SBT who slept inside for the first 6months of his life but after that, he'd jump/whine at the door because he wanted to sleep outside so I let him have his way and he slept outside.

    With my current two, they do sleep inside. Sunny, he's slept inside since he was a bit over one and he whines/scratches at the door if he's locked outside so clearly, he wants to be inside. I recently made a rule were both dogs are on the floor and he has struggled with that badly, he defiantly has chosen he wants to be inside, on the bed. He's a good dog so I have no issues with him.

    Serenity, if she really wanted to sleep outside and she behaved, I'd let her but she hasn't shown signs of wanting to sleep outside. She has a few times and I've left her outside but she then freaks out because she's not with Sunny, so, she's inside all the time since I'm not making him sleep outside just because she might want to. She only has those 'outside' moments rarely though.

    Both my two love snuggling under the covers. Once this training stuff is over, they will be allowed back on the bed. I will admit, I LOVE my space! I love stretching out! But.. It's coming to Winter and it's freezing in my room at night so I can live without my space, I'll sleep better knowing they are in fact warmer under my blankets then on the ground, un covered.

    I hate people who has a sook/go at you for allowing a dog on the bed/sleep inside. I got in to a huge scream fight with a guy at work about this subject. He let's his little dog inside all day but at night time, the dog sleeps outside. He is against the dog sleeping inside. That sounds damn stupid, considering, the dog is in through the day. He hated I let then sleep inside and I 'spoiled' them. I may have conditioned them to sleep inside and there is nothing wrong with that, that's what they like now and I know they are comfortable/warm. That's all that matters and it helps me sleep better knowing they feel like that. If I let them sleep outside, I wouldn't sleep properly. Most people I know don't agree with the dogs in my bed but I don't care.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 10, 2012
  15. Flatbedder

    Flatbedder Good Dog

    My dog was spoiled lol
  16. Tahlz

    Tahlz Good Dog

    Nothing wrong with that at all!
  17. maxamvs

    maxamvs Puppy

    Athena sleeps with me,when she wants. Some times she prefers the couch..I have a king size bed and some how allways end up on the very edge about to fall out while she takes up the rest..and she allways seems to kick me in the ribs in her sleep...but i wouldnt have it any other way.
  18. pitbull10309

    pitbull10309 Puppy

    i let my dog camo sleep with me almost every night. even if he doesnt start out in my bed he usually ends up in it. He just loves cuddling. But yeah if i dont want him on the bed he is perfectly fine on the floor.
  19. I have always slept with a dog. Always. My mom has pictures of me as a baby curled up with the dogs, when I was a little girl one of the dogs where always in my room, when I was a teenager my mom's bichion who although he was my mom's dog thought he was mine would viciously attack anyone who came in my room while I was asleep(yeah a little white poof ball is meaner than my pit bull lol) He would drive me crazy because every time anyone would even walk by my door he would growl and bark, but I still let him sleep with me. Now I'm grown and have a family of my own which includes a boyfriend, 2 children and 3 dogs. The dogs all sleep in my room. At first as puppies they sleep in a crate in my room until they are old enough to go all night without using the bathroom or chewing up everything, but after that they are free to sleep in my bed. At first we only had a full sized bed and my boyfriend refused to let the dogs in with us, so I kept a blanket on the floor for them...until he left for work at three am and then they jump up with me. lol. Now we have a king and they know as long as they stay out of my boyfriend's space they are allowed on the bed so usually what happens is I have two dogs sleeping on my head or feet. My Australian cattle dog/golden retriever mix only has 3 legs so she can't easily jump up onto the bed, so she's usually happy sleeping on the floor, on my side of the bed by my head. She can get up there by herself if she gets a running start from the door or if she acts like she wants to get up I'll help her. I am a night owl so it is not unusual for them to go into one of my kid's rooms and find all three dogs in bed with them. Sometimes they get tired of waiting for me to go to bed. They know too...they have learned my cues. Clean up a little bit, go to the bathroom, lock the doors...the second they see it they go running for my room. If the happen to be in one of my kid's room and don't see it, all it takes is a simple "I'm going to bed" and the all come running. Now my daughter is getting to the point where she insists she CAN'T get to sleep without a dog in there...So every night I put her to bed, she stays in there for about an hour and then comes out and drags one of the dogs into bed with her.

    Usually by morning I have all three dogs and both kids in my bed, even a king can get crowded! Sometimes, especially on weekends when my boyfriend doesn't have to get up at 3am for work I find the kids and dogs all passed out on my bedroom floor in a big pile at the bottom of my bed when I wake up.
  20. Sprocket

    Sprocket Banned

    Yes and no.

    If we want them up, then they are invited up. If we don't then they stay down.

    They know the difference.

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