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"Lethal Ron" Springthorpe

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier History' started by Vicki, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    "Lethal Ron" Springthorpe



    This Bull Terrier, Great Dane mix named Ron "Lethal Ron" Springthorpe was born in 1979 in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Ron was soon adopted by a dark haired musician named Rick Springfield. Ron became Rick's constant companion and soon took the spotlight from Rick when he was featured on the cover of the top selling album Working Class Dog. Ron's fame continued when he was featured on the cover of the Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet LP the following year.

    After much travel and way too much partying, it was time for Ron to settle down. He adopted Rick's wife, Barbara, as his mom and was soon thereafter appointed the protector of Liam, the first son to Rick and Barbara.

    Ron enjoyed his life as a family dog and was given additional responsibilities when their second son Joshua was born.

    Ron succumbed to old age in 1992, but his legacy lives on through Rick's production company "Lethal Ron Productions" as well as the very well circulated LPs he appeared on. Ron lives in the hearts of the Springthorpe family and all of Rick's fans around the world.

  2. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    wow he doesnt even look mixed. hes so cute!!

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