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let the adventures begin!


<b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo
Steve went on his first walk today, he was so scared! Took me 10minutes to walk him to the corner and convince him to cross the street. (This is like maybe 200ft or less)

He cowers at every passing car/bike/etc but once we crossed the street I headed up a big hill onto some deer trails and he seemed much more comfortable. He's still not sure how a leash works but he doesn't pull at all! Pretty proud of him, seems like he's eager to do things even if he's scared.

Feeling all accomplished at the top of the hill!

Checking out the deer trail, to enter or not to enter?


Steven wasn't really sure what to think about the enchanted deer forest!


Time to head home! We didn't go to far as it's bear cub season and crossing a mama and cubs is risky!


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<b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo
I'm 5hrs north of Edmonton :) in Peace River... I think we have discussed this before but I always go missing from the forums for weeks in end!

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