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Lens Choices

Discussion in 'Camera and Photography Tips' started by WithHope, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. PocketPal

    PocketPal Big Dog

    JC, Wonderful news...Just one caveat as i almost forgot that's quite important and i hate to rain on your parade. Make sure to get the US warranty, any other requires the camera to be repaired outside of the country if you even know which country it was imported from. NIKON USA WILL NOT HONOR NON USA WARRANTY EVER. same w/Canon

  2. WithHope

    WithHope Big Dog

    Thanks for the heads up. I had actually seen the warranty issue warnings in various places when looking at different options such as grey market items. I'll probably get the square trade warranty still, as I've had really great experiences with square trade, but nevertheless, the set from the link I showed does indeed cover the USA warranty. :)
  3. WithHope

    WithHope Big Dog

    Yay! Yay!!! Placed my order. :dance2:

    Sooooo......what'd I get??? Well with after some sound advice, I decided to really focus on retailer. There apparently are a LOT of shady camera retailers out there. The warranty issue also became an issue as well. I didn't order directly from Amazon but instead used a recommended camera dealer, Cameta Camera, found a TERRIFIC deal, and didn't pass on it, and was still able to use Amazon Payments as well as get the Google payment protection free.

    Nikon D5100
    18-55mm G VR DX AF-S Zoom Lens
    Nikon 55-200mm VR Zoom Lens
    16GB Card
    2 Filters

    Not the D3200 I was looking for, and I truly scoured the web for a 3200 w/ 18-105mm VR kit but was unable to find a USA version, and when I compared the D3200 to the D5100, they were a tie, so there was no need to pass up this deal over the difference of the body.
    I got all that + a 3yr warranty for $589.90, well under my $700 budget allotted for this, so I'm a happy girl!!! :)
    I'll have it by Wednesday at the latest. I feel like dancing!!! Thanks so much for all the awesome advice, guys.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 28, 2014
  4. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

  5. apbtowner

    apbtowner Good Dog

    i have that camera, its awesome, has the same sensor as the d7000. You will love the camera, i do :)

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