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Lemmys journey toward CGC starts this summer


Little Dog
Our trainer is taking some time off this summer. Instead of teachingclasses 4 days a week, she will only he teaching classes 1 day a week and a few Saturdays. This should not he a problem for us.

She announced on Tuesday that Tue focus of the entire summer will be to prepare the level 2 dogs to take the CGC test in the fall. We started with the leaving your dog with a stranger part of the test. Initially, to allow the dogs to become accustomed to other, friendly handlers the owners moved around the room hanging out with each dog while the dogs stayed in their original spot. Lemmy did pretty well, only pulling toward me once, hut once my hack was to him, he settled in and enjoyed hanging out with the other owners. So good first steps.

Beatrix Kiddo

Good Dog
that's great, we are about to begin our level 2 and will proceed with the CGC prep course, strangers handling or petting my dog is my only concern. She's pretty timid. But, last night my friend came over to hang out, i rarely ever have people over. He's 6'4 african american, i thought for sure Bea would freak out. She barked and growled just a little when he entered the house, i had her on her leash. Then when we sat down on the couch she chilled out and just laid down by us very relaxed. He put his hand out and she smelled him. So although still not perfect behavior, it was pretty good i thought compared to her fear levels say 3 or 4 months ago. Has your dog ever been timid of strangers? Is this something I should worry about prohibiting us from passing the CGC? I really hope the prep course like you're describing will help her overcome her fear. It's not aggression in anyway, but not ideal behavior.


Little Dog
He has only ever been iffy of 1 person his whole life and it was the first time he saw a bald man. By the second time they met though he and Lemmy were BFF.